Friday, January 06, 2006

My first blog pic!!!!

I have a progress pic to share - whoo-hoo!! This is a Lori Birmingham design that I'll be finishing as a bellpull. I love the colors! I'm using 28-ct "Forget Me Not" blue - my favorite fabby!!
This is stitching up fairly quickly - then I can MOVE ON!!! BTW, it's not really as "crooked" as it looks in the pic! :) oh, and it will also eventually say "The Griffin Family" not just "The Griffin"!!! ;)
Speaking of...moving on - I got more "stash" today! I picked up "Romantic Stitcher". I love this piece - she'll look lovely when she's hanging in my to get her from point A - (fabric, threads, beads and pattern in a bag) to Point B - (hanging in her spot of honor!)
The "planning" stage is almost as fun as the "process" and "finishing"!!!
I guess I'll have to add her to my ever-growing "must stitch in '06" pile! I think that's my mantra this year - - "must stitch in '06, must stitch in '06........"

Happy Friday, Folks!!!!


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