Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Feelin' like Froggin'

Argh!!! I feel like the only stitch I've done lately is the "FROG" stitch!! For every few stitches I put in - it seems I have to take twice as many stitches out! (Haven't figured that out mathmatically!)
I haven't been putting the stitches in the wrong places - just in the wrong colors!! How do you mix up colors? I've found that I stitched different sides of squares in different shades of green!
So much for attention to detail!! :)
I finally have all the "wrong stuff" pulled out and I'm slowly and VERY carefully stitching the squares again.
(BTW - I'm having all the troubles with the LK Ornaments designs. I'm putting all the designs on one large piece of fabric.) The square that I did finish correctly turned out cute and I can't wait for the whole design to be done - but I've sure gotten myself off to a rough start!!

On a MUCH brighter note - I had a wonderful week-end! On Friday, we went and hung out at the beach all day. The water was sparkling and clear and the most beautiful shade of turquoise ever! The sand was soft and white too and added the bonus of giving me a "natural" pedicure as we walked along the shoreline. The water was a little chilly for my tastes (but then I love to bathe in lobster water). Hubby and son thought the water was great. I also found some time to just sit in my chair and catch up on some reading. Hubby was able to snooze a bit and catch up on his sleep! :) I just LOVE living in "Paradise"!!!!

On Saturday - we went to our town's Art Festival. It's a really large festival and the talent that was displayed by the artists was amazing! I could've spent a ton of money buying beautiful things - but I need to save my $ for needlework "stuff", right? :)
Ian had a chance to use a potter's wheel and make a goblet. He had a lot of fun getting "goopy" and really treasures his "artwork".

Well - back to my "artwork" or lack-therof at the moment - I'll post a pic of my progress when I finally have some to show!! LOL!! :)


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