Friday, April 28, 2006

Squares "squared" away!

Finally - all my squares are the same color! Now, I'm back to "forward" stitching on this project! I really like these designs - they're simple, cute and FAST!! (when not frogging!) :)
It feels good to be working on a project that I can actually see finishing in MY lifetime! While I LOVE the PV design "Delicate Beauties" that I've been working on - I've found that I really am enjoying working on smaller designs too. I'll keep "Beauties" in my rotation - but as I add in more and more smaller, fun projects - "Beauties" may get less of my stitching time for a while.
That's what's so great about stitching, eh? We make it work for our own personal needs - no hard and fast rules!!

It's a beautiful day here in the Sunshine State - but we have a wildfire burning over a thousand acres in our county today. DS has severe asthma so we'll be spending the day inside - watching the weather from our windows! Time inside will mean more time stitching - not such a bad trade-off!!!

Have a great week-end!!!


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Shelleen said...

the LK looks great. I am stitching on a bunch of these as well.