Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Company and Fun and...(a little stitching too!)

We'll be busy with lots of different company between now and the end of July. We're having a lot of fun running around enjoying everything that Florida has to offer. We've also had a bit of time to just wind-down and enjoy just sitting on the beach and enjoying the view. During a bit of our down-time, I've found a bit of time to stitch...I just finished the "joy" block of the "12 Blessings" project. I've also been working a bit on the Halloween project. I don't think I'll have my ghost buddy finished by this coming Halloween - but I'm really hoping that he'll be gracing our walls by Halloween '07!!!!!

I've also enjoyed watching the Miami Heat play in the NBA finals!!! It's been a great series - - - GO HEAT!!!!!!

Wishing you all a Happy Tuesday,


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Shelleen said...

Your LK is looking great!