Saturday, August 05, 2006

It's Hot!!!!

I know, I know - I live in Florida AND it's August - but it is REALLY hot and humid here!!! Usually I just love the heat and the humidity, but the past couple of days have just been oppressive. It's been good and bad for me - - good because we've had fun spending time together in the pool and at the beach - and also good because I've been staying inside and getting some real quality stitching time - but BAD - because when it's this hot, I don't feel much like going outside and getting my exercise. We've played tennis for a couple of hours early in the mornings - but that's about it for any movement from me!! We even skipped tennis this morning because we slept in - and when we finally got up - the heat index was over 100!!!!
So here I sit and here I veg!!!!

I'm am just enjoying Delicate Beauties SO much again!! I've decided to finish off the current page that I'm working on before I set it aside again. The pattern contains four separate pages and I'm "almost" (being positive here!) finished with one complete page!! Whoo-hoo! I don't know if the pic shows much progress - a lot of what I've been stitching has been white or ecru - so it doesn't show up too well...but I can really see it!! Yippee!!!

I haven't gotten to my LNS yet to look for those Christmas gifts - I've been busy getting Ian's schedule worked out for our homeschool AND signing him up for all those many "extras" that he'll be involved with this fall!! Whew - I'm can tell that I'm going to need a lot of those "waiting time" projects to just "grab and go"...

I just picked up "Sins and Needles" by Monica Ferris. I just LOVE her books and can't wait to start my "beach" read - hopefully this afternoon!!!

Well - I'm off to do some more loafing to beat the heat - - - bring on the ice cream!!!!

Have a great week-end!


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Shelleen said...

we have had the heat here in western Ny as well. Please keep it down there. it is unbearable. But we had a break yesterday, today and all through the weekend. Delicate beauties is coming along and the colors look great.