Saturday, November 04, 2006

"Christmas" letters finished

Wow - I just realized how badly these "Christmas" letters need to be ironed!! :) I finally finished the lettering on my "Christmas" project - now I just need to make time to add the border of hearts and boxes along the bottom.

I FINALLY received my order of the other four charts I need to finish off my LK "Blessings of Christmas" project. It took over a month for me to receive the charts - This "order lag" has happened quite a bit lately. My LNS converted to being more of a knitting store - so stitchers just don't get much attention anymore. - I think I am going to start doing most of my "stashing" via the Internet from now on. However - I DO have the charts in hand now - and I am "itching to stitch" and finish all my "blessings".

Yikes - I can't believe it's November already!!! When did THAT happen??? I have less than a month to finish up all my Christmas projects and get them to my "personal" framer - my hubby(!), so that he can frame them in time for gift giving and displaying.

Halloween was fun around here!! We carved a pumpkin (and I roasted the seeds - yummy!!).
DH, DS and I all dressed up this year. DH was Star Wars, DS was the cutest elephant you've ever seen (not biased at all here!!!) and I dressed as a pumpkin, although my figure type is more suited to a "squash". :)

Ian bagged in 8 (eight!!!!) pounds of candy - that's more than 2 pounds more than what he weighed when he was born!!!!

I think the thing I miss most about living "up North" (maybe the ONLY thing - hee hee!!) is the changing of the seasons. I love the Fall season the most - and I really miss seeing the leaves change and feeling a slight chill to the air...not much fun drinking hot chocolate when it's still in the upper-80's, lower 90's!!!! Ah well - nothing wrong with iced tea in January, right??? :)

Have a stitching-filled Saturday!!!!


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Meari said...

LOL, that was a cute costume your son wore. Has he eaten all that candy yet? Wow, that's a lot of sugar!!