Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

Things have FINALLY settled a wee bit around here and now we're back to just the normal "hurry and scurry".
I hope everyone had a wonderful kick-off to the New Year! Happy 2007 !!!!!!!!! I hope that it will be a year that will bring each of you many happy memories!

I took some of my birthday money and went "stashing" for XS stuff!! Whoo-hoo!!! :) I was able to hit a couple of "New Year's" sales at a couple of my favorite on-line stitching stores - always a plus!!

Here's my list of goodies:

-Bent Creek = Wedding Row
-The Sweetheart Tree = Patriotic Square and Land of the Free
-Stoney Creek = Betsy Rossbear
-Stoney Creek = Mom's Sewing Room
-Cross Country Stitching = Herbal Tea Garden
4 different fabrics
2 packs of "Perfect Needles" (I just LOVE these!!!)

I can hardly wait for the goodies to make their way into my mailbox!!!!

So -here's my list of "Gee, I hope I finish this in 2007" projects - - (I know that I probably won't finish all of my wanna-do's - but it's fun to imagine and it IS good to have goals, right??) :)

No particular order here - - - -

Finish that silly Heinzeit Christmas Block project!!
Finish another page of "Delicate Beauties"
Wedding Row
Patriotic Square
Land of the Free
ABC Tea Sampler
Mom's Sewing Room
Come and Share a Pot of Tea (old design, I know - about time I get around to stitching it!!) :)
Bosco BooBerry
Heart Blooms (Shepherds Bush)

We'll just have to see how much stitching time 2007 brings...I really do hope to finish more projects in '07 than I did in '06.

I also have a few personal goals for myself in '07 - I won't bore you with those details! (Please feel free to thank me for not sharing!!) :) :) :)

New Year Hugs,



Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Starting the year off right with some new stash, congrats. Happy Stitching, CJ

Meari said...

New stash! Woo Hoo! Good luck with your 2007 goals. :)