Monday, January 15, 2007

A Little Bit 'O Progress

I've made a little progress on my "Come and Share" project. I've also added a design into my rotation that will be a birthday gift for my "Bloggers Birthday" person...I've made a bit of headway on this project - but not enough to post a pic yet.

Yesterday was the first "good" breathing day that Ian has had in a week. This asthma flare has been a bad one for him...hopefully, the worst is behind us!!!!! He had a lot of fun jumping back into tennis today - he can't wait to hit the courts tomorrow for his lesson...

I hope all my "Midwest" friends are safe and staying warm...I sure don't miss dealing with ice storms!!!!!!!!

I'm SO tired today - made the mistake of staying up all last night through this AM to catch the Austrailian Open (tennis) live. All of our favorite players were in the first round - so we stayed up to catch the action! was worth it though - everyone we cheer for made it through - ugh - we still have two more weeks (with matches all but 2 days) until the finals!!!
We have a license plate that says "Eat, Sleep, Tennis" - guess we're gonna have to scratch out that "sleep" part for a while! :)

Sweet Dreams..............


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