Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bumped, Battered and Bruised (but I bounce!!)

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I do have a good excuse though....(not a fun one - but a good one!) About three weeks ago, I was playing a competitive game of tennis, jumped to reach backwards for a shot that I knew darn-well that I couldn't reach, lost my balance and fell down hard!!!
I hurt my wrist, shoulder, ankle and hip and also wound up with a nasty concussion. I seemed to be healing nicely for the first few days - but then, I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible eye pain in my right eye. My vision was blurry and I just felt "wrong".
Thank goodness, our best friend is an Opthamologist and saw me right away. It seems that when I fell on my head (note to self - DON'T do this ever again!!), I partially detached my retina and broke several blood vessels around and behind my eye. The pain was caused when enough blood pooled in my eye and couldn't "evacuate" itself. So - I was told to completely rest my eyes...no reading, stitching, computing, swimming, tennis, driving, etc. etc. etc. I wasn't even allowed to watch TV for long periods of time. MAJOR bummer!!!!
I passed the time mostly by letting Ian read to me ('course I had to listen to books HE wanted to read - -) =) and by playing lots of board games with the family. We made the best of a bad situation - but I am SO happy to be back among the blessed land of vision!!!
I'm still on restrictions for the amount of time that I can compute, read, stitch, etc...but I'm grateful to still have my sight!!

It feels so good to be picking up my needle again - I surely have the "itch to stitch"!!!
I hope I'll have some progress to share shortly.

It's good to "see" everyone again.....


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