Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time-Out for some fun....

We decided to take a "time-off" day and have some fun at Downtown Disney. It was so much fun to just have a day to wander around and have a fun meal. We ate at Rainforest Cafe - Ian's favorite eatery in Disney. The food was really good and just to "celebrate" being together, we ordered a "volcano"...a brownie, carmel, hot fudge, ice-cream "mountain". It was SOOOO yummy - but I'm glad we walked around a LOT that day - can you just imagine the calories??? :) I just love days when we make wonderful memories!!!

I finished up my little Santa pillow design. I'll tuck him away in my finishing drawer until I'm ready to sew him up into his final "presentation". I'm back now to working on my "Come and Share" tea project. I'm also going to spend a day this week on my "Christmas Block" piece.

I also did a bit of "stashing" this week!! I bought Little House' "Home of a Needleworker", A "Flip-Flop" candle wrapper pattern (one of our bathrooms has a beach theme - this will be perfect in there!) and a magnetic needle keeper. The needle keeper is a cute little birdhouse - I just love it!!!

Ian won another tennis match he entered! I need to find some time to really get out there and work on my drills - he's going to skunk me if I don't get busy and stay on-top of my game!!! Last time we went to play tennis, we stopped to watch a mama dolphin teaching her baby how to fish in the lagoon!!! (The courts are steps away from the inlet) It was such an AWESOME sight!!! I was surprised at how close they came to us...it was great!!!!! Only problem was we didn't play much tennis 'cause we were so busy watching the dolphins - - :)

Well, I'm off to supervise some "creative" writing...I can only imagine what topic an 11-yr old boy is going to come up with!!! :) :) :)

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