Monday, May 14, 2007

Finally some time for blogging!!

"Thanks" to the smoke from the wildfires that have been ravaging Florida - I have been forced inside. Poor Ian has had a major asthma flare - so he and I are enjoying some "down" time and staying inside.
One of the benefits of my "down" time has been more stitching time!! I was able to make some progress on "Come and Share" and I even talked myself into working a bit on my "Christmas Blocks" project. I just ordered the new "Inspiration Series" from Heart in Hand - ah, yet another "wanna do" that will be added to my ever-expanding list. Sticking with the "crafty thred" (Bad, Bad pun!!), I've started knitting a prayer shawl for a friend of mine who's going through a rough spot right now. I hope my simple efforts will bless her.
I also have been able to get some reading time. I hadn't realized how much I would enjoy having "extra" time to sit down for a bit.
Having said that - we're still chomping to get back outside - we can't even spend time on the beach because of the haze...
Homeschool is still humming along - I now have homeschool "bean and corn projects" growing in my closets, windowsills, freezer and refrigerator. I'm going to be SO glad when our botany study is finished!!! I never know what (usually fuzzy) thing I'm going to find growing where...
We're doing an in-depth study of Ancient China - that's been fascinating. I thought I had really paid attention in my history classes long ago - but it's amazing how much I'm learning along with Ian. We're making our own "silk", ink, paper and other cool stuff, just like the ancients did. However, I've drawn the line at making our own fireworks!! I told Ian that I was pretty sure that since we live in an HOA/deed-restricted community - there has to be something in the covenants that prohibits us from making our own pyro-technics!! :)

Bless those firefighters who are working to protect us!!!


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