Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm One Spoiled Stitcher!!

Just look at the WONDERFUL gifts that sweet Lillie stitched for me!!! Lillie had my name for the "Stitching Bloggers Birthday Exchange" group - and I just can't believe her kindness and generosity!! Have you ever seen such lovely gifts?? She put so much love and effort into my gifts - I am just SO touched!!! The pictures don't do her stitching and finishing justice. I can't believe how wonderful the stitching box turned out!!!
Lillie even tucked in a hand-stitched card and fun puzzle for Ian. Ian's birthday is also Christmas (just like his Mama!!) so it was extra special for him to receive an extra-special gift too!!
I am so grateful to have such a loving, generous "stitching sister" in Lillie - -
She made my (our!!) Christmas and Birthdays extra-special this year!!!

I just had to share - ENJOY!!!


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Lillie said...

Am so glad you like everything I've put in for you. Guessed I was lucky to have a whole year to planned it out. Enjoy!

I hoped Ian is happy with his puzzle too. Did he finish assembling it? try painting it in a color or two of his choice?