Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Filling in Boxes...

I've finally decided to stop "forward" progress on anymore of those dreaded lavender boxes and instead just to focus on the fun part of filling in the ones that I've already created. I'm enjoying this so much more!! I know that stitching boxes or flowers, I'm making the same amount of progress - but it just doesn't feel like I'm not accomplishing as much by just making the box outlines. We're supposed to have rainy weather the next couple of days, so hopefully, that will enable me to have a bit more stitching time.

Just thought I'd post an "up-date" where I wasn't whining about boxes for a change!!!

Happy Monday! (is there such a thing????) :)




BeckySC said...

That's looking nice so far, Sharon :)

Mrs. V. said...

This looks like it will be a lovely project. I have some current works in progress that need attention. But I know what you mean about stitching and stitching on something and not feeling like you're making much progress. It's always a good feeling once finished though!