Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Finish (not stitching per se, but a finish!!!

During my recent wanderings through "blogland", I came across a lovely blog, "The Place of H".
During my visit there, I noticed a lovely dishcloth that she was knitting. I was curious though...was it really worth the time that it takes to hand-knit a dishcloth when, for about the same price as a skein of yarn, I could buy a dishcloth already made, at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Dear Mrs. H. encouraged me to give knitting a dishcloth a try. I'm a "newbie" knitter, and this did seem like a good starter project. Can I just say that I LOVE my knitted dishcloth???? :)
I can make the cloth as large as I want it - that's a big plus. Also, these "hand-made" cloths are so soft - they're a joy to use. I've found that yarn, like floss, comes in an array of colors, so your cloth can be as pastel or as funky as you'd like it to be. These cloths are wonderful to work on in the evenings, when my eyes are tired from my close-up cross stitch work. They're very fast too. I have another cloth ready to come off my needles this evening. Just what I needed, yet another needle-work craft to fall in love with! Seriously though, if you've ever thought of giving knitting a try - these cloths are a pleasure!!!




Mrs. H. said...

It turned out beautiful! I'm so glad you decided to give knitting a dishcloth a try, but be careful, they can be terribly addictive.

stitcherw said...

It looks great. I recently discovered knitted dishclothes too, they are lovely to use.