Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another "favorite"

This is one of my favorite pieces in my stitching history! I stitched this piece of a tea ceremony in honor of my sweet mother-in-love. I was so blessed to have a wonderful relationship w/ my mother-in-law...she welcomed me with open arms into her heart. "Mom" raised eight children on a meager income w/ an alcoholic, abusive husband and didn't complain about her lot in life much at all. She nursed that same husband through the last few painful months of his life as though she were an angel. One of her favorite memories was of a trip to Japan...and the joys of tea. This dear woman loved her tea and everything about the "ceremony" of tea. When she passed, I knew that I wanted to stitch a "tribute" to her. I found this design and it "sang" to my heart. I HAD to stitch this!! By far, this is the most difficult piece that I've ever stitched - it was a "joyful challenge". This was the piece that inspired my hubby to take up framing my stitching! He wanted to be a part of this tribute to his Mom. He took the task and ran with it. I think he did an AWESOME job!!! This now hangs in our family room and I look at it every day and remember Mom.

I hope I'll have some new progress on projects to show soon - but in the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy seeing some of the "treasures" in our home.



Chiloe said...

What a beautifuk tribute to your MIL! It's really beutiful.

Julianne said...


Thank you for visiting my blog. Wow, your stitched tribute to your MIL is really lovely! What a beautiful framing job by your husband.

Shelleen said...

what a great piece for a tribute and your DH did a great job on the framing.

Terry said...

What a wonderful tribute and so fantastically framed. Well done both of you!

Littlebit's collections said...

Wow that piece is georgous. And its even more beautiful that there is some memory behind it.

CraftyT said...

Thank you for the well wishes for my husband. I appreciate it.

What a lovely tribute to your mom. I also have a great relationshio with my MIL. People are always amazed that sometimes when DH is working alot I like to go and spend time with her. She lives a 7 hr drive away from us.
Take Care

staci said...

Hello Sharon, thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment.

What a beautiful tribute...your stitching is lovely and your husband did a wonderful job with the framing!

Meari said...

I love this one! You did such a nice job... and what a great tribute to your MIL.

What's the name of the pattern/chart? I want to add that to my stash-to-do!

flmom said...

What a lovely piece!