Friday, June 13, 2008

Two more treasures - - -

These are more "already stitched" items that we have in our home. The "sons" piece is a Lizzie Kate design. I changed a few of the colors a wee bit to better suit my liking and once again, my "honey of a hubby" did the framing. This piece lives in our family room. I just love the sentiment on this piece!! My not-so-little fellow gives the best hugs in the world and is truly God's gift to me.

Now, lest you thought you could get away from my blog without a mention of tea, no such luck, my friends!!! :) :) :) I just love needlerolls...this basket holds my "most favorites". (The tea part? If you look in front, there's a tea for two design!) lol The apple basket was a gift from my Mom...after many failed attempts to "make off" with hers, she bought me one of my own!! (persistance pays off!) :)

I wish you each a lovely week-end!!



Daffycat said...

Hello, Sharon! Thanks for visiting my blog! It's so nice to meet you!

You have some lovely needlework here...I've added you to my blogroll; I'll be back!

staci said...

Love your needlerolls and that basket is too cute! Very cute LK finish too, I've got that pattern but still haven't stitched it up!

Lillie said...

I loved all your tea themes especially the needleroll. Never thought of a tea theme needleroll before and the apple basket is a beauty.

theshepherdshouse said...

I have never seen a needleroll before ~ the basket of them is so cute!! Wonderful cross stitch picture too ~ and the framing job is just perfect!!

Lovely work you have done!!

Have a blessed day,