Saturday, July 19, 2008

Simply Enjoying Summer....

I've really been enjoying summer this year!! We've taken a nice break from "officially" homeschooling - although the wonderful, blessed moments of learning never really (thankfully!!!) end. We've been taking some time and just reading together for "fun". "Black Beauty", "Blue Willow", and "The Prince and the Pauper" are some that we've finished thus far...our list of summer "wanna reads" grows longer with every trip to Barnes and Noble and the library.
We've been SO blessed that Ian's health grows better everyday by leaps and bounds! He looks so good and is finally gaining a bit of weight and "talling up" nicely. He's made a wonderful recovery from his surgery - it's been a long road - but we're so grateful to see the great results! He's back to playing tennis full-time and feeling great! It's so good to be back full-swing (pun intended) at our tennis. There's not much I love more than being on the court and really putting my all into a good game. Win or lose, I LOVE the game!
I've also found extra stitching time that I've really been enjoying! It's felt good to be stitching on "Delicate Beauties" again...I just love this design and it's colors. It's nice to feel enthusiasm for this piece again. (Only two and a half more pages to stitch before it's finished!) :) :) :)
We've also been spending lots of time on the beach and at Disney. With the high gas prices, we've been sticking pretty close to home...we're blessed that we're close to two of our favorite hang-outs. The beach for heat-relief and Disney, just for some good family fun! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely blogs and your sweet comments. I've "met" some of the sweetest folks on the "net". Blessings to you all - -



Mylene said...

That's a lovely piece you are working on.

It should be summer here too but weather is pretty cold, wet and windy!

Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog.

staci said...

A wonderful WIP~~is that a Paula Vaughn design? I just love her stuff and have lots of her patterns!

Glad that Ian is making a great recovery!!!

Barb said...

Nice WIP it will be beautiful when done. I gave you Brillante Award see my blog for details.

Stitches 'N' Stones said...

Beautiful PV, I adore her designs--they have the most amazing color combinations. And although I love quilts I'd rather stitch, so her designs combine the best of both worlds for me.