Monday, August 25, 2008

Home is a WONDERFUL place to be!!!

It's SO good to be home! While I'm grateful for wonderful hospital care, it just can't compare to the peace and warmth of home! I'm starting to feel more like myself again - and it feels SOOOO good!!! I never realized how much I missed "anytime access" to family hugs and kisses, my own sheets, a GOOD cuppa tea anytime I choose (although Sweetie was wonderful to bring me my favorite steaming mugs of various flavors from home!) and well, just being "HOME".
My blood numbers still aren't great, but they are better so we're choosing to focus on the "attitude, not the altitude". :)
On another WONDERFUL note - Praise God, Sweetie's test results came back just fine!Worrying about his test results was a HUGE load on my mind - I'm so grateful for the power of prayer - and that the answers were so good!!!
Speaking of prayer, so many folks in our area could use it! Tropical storm "Fay" parked right over our county and just wouldn't leave!! Some spots received upwards of 30 inches - nasty, nasty, nasty. Some homes were damaged worse from "Fay" than they ever were during the hurricanes of '04. Ian's tennis coach has 2-feet of water in his home. We were blessed with being unscathed from any water in our home - but the beach erosion is terrible. It will be nice when the beaches are back to being "beautiful"!!!
I've started stitching a few stitches here and there as my energy levels permit, but I don't really have any progress to show yet. Hopefully, that will change soon and I'll be back out and about and making sure the world knows I'm here before long.
Thank you all for the kind comments - bloggers are the best!!!
Hugs from HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Daffycat said...

Welcome home, Sharon! I hope you'll continue to do better. Glad to hear your sweetie's test came back good too!

Juri said...

I am new to your blog and have enjoyed reading some of your posts (will go back to read more!!) and looking at your pictures! Great Blog! Oh, I know how you must be thrilled to be back home. I was in the hospital a while back for a few weeks and when I got home, if I had the strength, I think I would have danced with joy! Welcome back and I hope your health continues to improve!


Barbeeque4 said...

Thanks for stopping by the Blk Shp Blog! I know what you mean about Fay - my mom in Ormond Bch had some big rain from the storm, but they really needed it and only lost elec for a little while - Here's a quick you like loose tea or bagged tea????


Kelli said...

Welcome home! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better!