Monday, August 18, 2008

Yes, I'd like some cheese w/ my "whine"....

Good grief - what a rough time we've had at our house lately! I've been feeling "rough", to say the least, for quite some time. I knew that my anemia was a problem, but I never really took it very seriously. In fact, I started thinking that maybe I was feeling so awful because I wasn't exercising. (per Dr.'s orders). Anyway, I thought that if I would start really pushing myself physically, I'd start feeling great. Wrong-O!!!! I lost over 30 pounds in a 5-week time frame (like that part!!) but I still felt worse and worse. So, I kept playing tennis and really, really giving it my all on the court. (We're talking 3 - 4 hours of tennis in Florida's summer sun!) I didn't want to whine about how bad I was feeling, so I just kept on going and doing and running like I love to do. My heart would bother me at the weirdest times (waking out of a sound sleep w/ a pounding in my ears, racing heartbeat, fainting upon standing at times, constant nausea, not even having the energy to "drag" a needle through a piece of fabric exhausted, (even blogging!) the list goes on and on. My life literally just crashed and now I'm paying the price. Last week, I was on the court and passed out. When I came around, I honestly thought I was dying. I couldn't breathe or think or anything...a trip to the ER found that my hemglobin/hematocrit was 6.0. (normal is 12-15). I had no "registerable" levels of b12 or ferritin (which is the amount of iron your body has stored or potassium (which your heart needs to help it beat normally). My blood pressure was 55/40. Long story short, I've wound up in the hospital w/ transfusions, IV iron, etc, etc, etc. We may also be "looking forward" (yea, right!) to a bone marrow transplant and a pace maker. Apparently, the severe anemia has damaged my heart and it keeps "forgetting" to beat. I can't get the pacemaker 'till my blood levels hop back towards normal - surgery would be too risky at this point w/ my current numbers.
Thank goodness for good health care! I am feeling better and hoping that I'll be able to go home sometime towards the end of this week or the beginning of next week.
I'm SO grateful to have good insurance. We'll have a few co-pays of course, but we only owe $100 for the hospital stay. (We met our family deductible during Ian's medical adventures earlier this year).
Now for a "humorous" note to all of this - - part of the reason that I was ignoring a lot of my symptoms was because my Sweetie (the big one!) has been scheduled for a biopsy for possible cancer. I wanted to be there for him when he had the procedure. His test was scheduled for Thursday. I asked for prayers on some of my yahoo groups and from our church early Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, Sweetie was calling the church back and asking prayer for ME. (I like to keep the parishoners confused!!) lololol. He went ahead and had his test (I insisted - ok. threatened!!!) that he go ahead and have it done - I don't want to worry any longer than I really need to. We'll get the results of his test this Thursday. Please add him to your prayer lists/positive thoughts/good vibes (your choice!) for good results.
Anyway, I'm being treated really well - I just have the sweetest nurses! I do so miss being home though!! Thank goodness for laptops and wireless (and the Olympics!) - at least I've had some "tv entertainment" that I've enjoyed during my "incarceration", stay. Today is the first time that I've felt like even looking at the computer so I'm taking that as a good sign!! Needless to say, I have no stitching to show - but I'm hoping that I will feel good enough for that soon.
I appreciate all the wonderful comments that I've received and I apologize for not acknowledging your has just kinda stunk lately!
Anyway, I think I'm finished complaining for a while - I won't be stitching for a while - but I do hope to get back to blog visiting (I should be able to muster energy for THAT!!) lolol.
In the meantime, STAY WELL(!!!) and make the moments count!!!
Many hugs (from tropical storm-ridden Florida - another stress for this week!!!)


Dawn said...

I hope everything settles down for you and DH!! You both will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Daffycat said...

***Hugs*** Please take care of yourself!

Shelleen said...

take care of yourself and do as the doctor says

Solstitches said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.
I'm sorry to read that you have been so sick and hope things settle down so that you can enjoy your stitching again.

Kelli said...

I'm sorry to hear things have been so rough lately...I will say a prayer for you!
Thank you for your sweet comment on my giveaway post...I appreciate it!