Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let's Try this Again.....

Hmmm....after my ambitious, boastful post that I was home, the God of humor laughed at me and sent me promptly on my way BACK to the hospital. My hemocrit/hemoglobin/iron levels dropped dramatically again after being home for just a short I had to check back into the "hospital hotel".
Ironically, I was so proud when I received my gallon pins for being a blood donor - now I feel like I should send those pins back - I've now taken far more that I ever gave! :(
I'm really optimistic that after this latest round of blood and other "goodies" that I received while being held hostage (err....a patient), that I'm finally on my way to being "normal" again. By nature, I normally have a rather annoying "perky" personality. I can't say that I've felt very perky at all lately. I've actually been flirting w/ fighting a bout of depression. I HATE being out of control of my life and not being able to just will myself to feel better.
All that to say - I haven't felt like blogging or stitching much at all lately. I'm hoping to change that in the very near future though - - - maybe I got really lucky and got some "flying fingers stitcher's blood". (hahaha). Anyone donate blood that stitches w/ "flying needles"??? :)
I hope all my blogging friends are doing well - I hope to be around to visit w/ each of you very soon.
Avoiding hospital gowns w/ a passion!!!!

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Chiloe said...

I hope you got the blood you wanted ;) and could go back to stitching in no time !!! (((hugs))))