Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some finishes for Christmas...

Here are pics of the last two finishes that I really needed to complete for Christmas gifts for this year. It feels SO good to have these under my belt! Right now, I'm working on Glory Bee's "Happily Ever After". This piece will be staying in our home!! :)

It's nice to know that I can move along on a couple of my WIP's (definitely want to get back to "Delicate Beauties" and "Come and Share" and maybe start a new project too!!! :)

Completed Projects Info:
LK's "Winter boxer"
28 ct "sand" linen
Christmas gift for one of my mom's neighbors

Shepherd's Bush "Deck the Halls"
28 ct "sand" linen
Christmas gift for another one of my mom's neighbors

To catch up on my last post...our homeschool "frog" adventure ...umm...didn't go so the words of the song say..."another one bites the dust". How should I put this? The best equation we could come up with was "tadpole in mailbox, left in hot Florida sun for a few hours = froggie funeral." Never mind that the words in bright red, BOLD letters on the box reminded the mailman NOT to place the box in the mailbox but to do door delivery - - grrr.....we'll be trying this experiment again once a "Florida chill" moves in later in the winter. In the meantime, we've moved on to studying geology...and I'm happy to say that nary a rock has been harmed thus far in our journey!! We're really enjoying this study and I'm sorry, I just can't resist adding this, "Geology rocks"!!! :) :) :) :)
Can you tell my health (though apparently NOT my humor!) is improving?! Thanks for all the love and prayers - - -
"Rock" on!!!



Meari said...

Those are really cute!

Chiloe said...

I'm glad you are feeeling better !!!

Too bad you had a funeral ... seems like mailmen are the same everywhere in the world (and it's not a compliments !!! lol ) Our tagpoles adventure did really well this summer.

I particularly love the snowman !

staci said...

Your finishes are adorable! Congrats!

Mylene said...

Great finishes! I especially love the LK one.