Sunday, January 11, 2009

A most AMAZING day!!!

We had the most AMAZING day this past Friday! Our not-so-little guy's tennis coach is also a certified pilot and flight instructor...Casey asked us if we'd like to go flying with him sometime. Of course, we jumped at the chance and Friday was our lucky day!!! I've flown infinite times commercial, but I've never flown in a small puddle jumper. To say that it was AWESOME is one of the biggest understatements of my life! God NEVER ceases to find ways to take my breath away!!!!!
Because of our location (right on the Atlantic Ocean in Florida), it made the flight that much more incredible. The ocean was a perfect turquoise and not a cloud in the sky - breath-taking doesn't begin to describe the experience!!!
Of course, we had to find our house (it's here in the pics, believe me! lol) and the tennis courts that we love to play on most often.(they're here too!Check the last pic for the courts!) :)
I just had to share the pics and experience with you.  I can't wait to fly again - we'll be pestering his coach more about flying than tennis (NEVER thought I'd say that!!!) :)
Do something AMAZING SOON!!!!



Meari said...

Beautiful photos! I want to be there!! Forecasters are calling for blizzard conditions here tonight. Ugh.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment today...

These photos are great! I think you were brave to go up in a puddle jumper, but oh the rewards.

Cindy F. said...

Sharon, that sounds like an awesome day!! How nice of the coach to take you up! Great pics!

drucillastitches said...

What gorgeous pictures! I love the cross stitching and the frames are adorable!!
We are having cold weather here in East TN, love to be there in FL right now!!
Have a great day!
Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Carolyn said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I'm originally from Fernandina Beach on the Atlantic coast, but never had the opportunity to see the beauty from the air. Lucky you!!

the voice of melody said...

Those are some great pictures! The ocean is so beautiful and you've certainly captured that beauty. Glad you enjoyed the flight so much!