Monday, August 24, 2009

Bosco is ready to trick-n-treat!

All-righty then... Bosco is finished!! :) This was a fun stitch - Mosey and Me has some of the cutest designs! Add the fact that there's no back-stitching and whoo-hoo, it's a wrap!!! In the original design, Bosco has "trick or treat" above his head, but hubby has an idea for framing and wanted Bosco left sans wording. I bow to his greatness!!! :)

Now, it's time to work on some Christmas stitching - here's my progress on Lizzie-Kate's "Merry Friends"...

On the knee front - - hurumph!! Dr.'s agree that my best option at this point is total knee replacement, but that would be a death nail in my tennis life...I''m having a hard time facing that option - tennis really defines us as a family and I can't imagine not being part of that. Also, my "relatively" young age creates a problem...(I'm spending $$$ on wrinkle cream and saving for botox and a facelift - but now I'm "young"???) Seems that knee replacements typically last 15- 20 years, so "technically", I would be ready for another replacement before I even hit age 65 - not a good scenario...though it would provide much-needed pain relief and much-better mobility. Plus, because of my "young" age, I would probably have a great recovery and do well. So, I feel like I'm sort of stuck right now...I'm in decision mode. The last-ditch effort I can try is to go into an up-loader brace and do synvisc injections - that might enable me to extend my tennis days a bit longer, which I see as a HUGE plus!!! Dr. says that the syncvisc amounts to putting a band-aid on a severed artery, but I'm just not ready to hang up my racket yet. :(
I always think it's better to try the conservative route first - Synvisc might be my miracle cure!!! Pray or cross your fingers for me?

Have a "not too young, not too old" kind of day!!!



Meari said...

Congrats on your finish. It's adorable! Your Santa is coming along nicely... cute, also.

So you must be around 40? I think I'd opt for the surgery and fix the problem rather than continuing to "band-aid" it. But, that's just me.

Nancy M said...

Stitching looks great. Anxious to see the DH's idea on the framing. I guess if you can play tennis with pain, then do it and put the operation off. It's your life and your pain. No one else knows what it feels like. I would opt for the surgery....but I don't like tennis!! LOL