Thursday, September 17, 2009

Please pass the chocolate.....

Okay, this is a definite "I MUST HAVE CHOCOLATE NOW!" time of my life. So, here's the situation I find myself in re: my knee. Ortho doc said "sorry dude-ette, you need a total knee replacement". Okay, okay...such is life. I'm tired of having so much pain. Compared to pain, my future tennis "career" (ha!) can now take a back seat. (Did I just say that??????) So, off I go to see regular doc to get my medical clearance for surgery. I get told, "So Sorry Cookie - you can't have joint replacement surgery, because that would entail being on a course of blood-thinning meds (heparin, or coumadin, etc) for 4 - 6 weeks to avoid blood clots and with your anemia issues, that just can't happen." Argh!
My ortho doc's sweet nurse is going to find out if we could bend protocol just a bit to avoid the prolonged blood-thinners, since I'm still very young to have joint replacement. I have no history of blood clots, so we may still be able to proceed, pending Ortho docs reply. Sweet nurse did say that I may have to agree to stay in the hospital for a couple of extra days so that they could closely monitor me to make sure that I won't need an extra transfusion after the surgery. I can deal with that - just bring me chocolate (and LOTS of it) - and I promise to be a good patient!
So anyway, I'm still on hold right now. I am a huge control freak, so it's hard for me to be in a holding pattern, but sometimes, all you can do, is all you can do.
If Ortho guy does decide that I can go ahead with surgery, I'd like to do it ASAP. First off, if I know I have to do it, I just wanna do it and get it over with. Secondly, our anniversary is in November, and I'd really like to be up and dancing and not limping at our celebration. (Okay, so I probably won''t be dancing by then, but I would like to be off the walker and at least onto a cane - wow, that made me sound old!!!) Also, with Christmas on the way, I'd like to be as close to 100% as I can be by then. I'm a huge Christmas gal (on top of Christmas - my son and I share Christmas birthdays) and I REALLLLLLY want to be able to do all my fun, traditional Christmas stuff that I love so much.
So, please pass the chocolate - as I sit and wait to learn my fate.
(PS - I'll post stitching and homeschool up-dates later. I'm spending lots of time doing both!!) :)


Jade said...

Look at the bright side, with all that bed time you will be able to stitch plenty! :) Please keep us updated, I am sure the surgery will go just fine and hope you will recover quickly! Best wishes sent your way.

Sharlotte said...

You have anemia problems too? My got so bad last summer that my blood supply was 55% and I was headed for a heart attack,stroke or both.It was bad that I couldn't use my rotary cutter,scissors, or wash the kitchen knives because I would bleed to death quickly. They didn't want to do a transfusion because then they wouldn't know whether or not the iron suppliments were doing their job.As far as the blood thinners,you want to avoid them if you can with the anemia as you know.Some people don't know that ani-infamatories such as Aleeve and ibuprofen are blood thinners also.What type of anemia do you have if you don't mind me asking? I love the Cathy picture. So funny! We'll I'm off to give my son a math lesson. I can hear the "but mom" already!Sorry for the rambling! Take care!