Friday, February 12, 2010

Just an update.......

Just an update from our humble, happy abode.  I'm SOOOO grateful to say that Ian is feeling like his old chipper self again AND my mom is feeling better too.  She still has the kidney problem, but the treatment she's receiving seems to be working. 

As for the new car - I'm lovin' it, but I must confess that I'm still in that "white-knuckle" driving mode.  I'm so afraid of putting a scratch or ding on it that I haven't relaxed yet.  I'm sure that once the new car smell wears off, I'll be driving "normal" again...I'm expecting the "new" smell to wear off soon - hauling Ian around from one sweaty activity to another should do the trick - rapidly!!  :)

I've been stitching a bit here and a bit there - homeschooling takes the lion's share of my day, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I know that all too soon, it will seem mighty quiet around here and I dread trading in the spontaneous hugs for quiet times.....

This is my current project - Little House "Home of a Needleworker Too". 

This design has been sitting in my stash pile for a couple of years.  I am loving stitching this - I'm not sure how it got pushed to the bottom of my "to do" pile.  (I've GOT to make time to have a MAJOR stash-clearing soon!!)  I'm sure, that being honest, I have quite a few "what was I thinking when I bought this?" patterns in my cabinet...and I probably have a lot more "can't wait to stitch" patterns, as well. 

It's chilly and rainy here in my part of Florida, (thank goodness we're far enough south that we don't need to worry about snow or cold - chilly is bad enough, thank-you-very-much!) so I'm off to bundle up with a BIG cup 'o tea, my stitching and the TV.  I just love all things Olympics - so bring on the Opening Ceremonies and off we go!!!  :)


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Nancy M said...

Nice progress on the LHN piece!I'm doing "snowflakes" from them at the moment.