Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th!

I hope all my Amercan friends have a wonderful 4th - filled with food, fun and fireworks!  To everyone else, have a great week-end...filled with food and fun - you can make your own "fireworks"!!!  :)

(Oh and just a proud Mama moment warnng alert - I'll be back soon to love on and to embarass someone just a wee lil bit.  Hint:  it involves my not-so-little fellow, a tennis racket, a tournament and a trophy that says "Champion".)  :)   :)   :)   :)



Nancy said...

I love your festive photo! Happy 4th of July!

FIONA said...

Even though I am an Aussie, I have a daughter born on 4th July so I can celebrate with you all anyway! I have enjoyed reading your blog and am very glad I found it! Thankyou!