Tuesday, July 27, 2010

She stitches, she actually stitches!! (and finishes once in a while, too!)

Lately, by the time we get home from all our summer activities, I've just been too tired to stitch, but I did manage to eek out this small finish.  My sweet hubby framed this for me, but neither one of us are sure whether it fits the design or not...think the frame over-whelms the design?
If I had the energy and a good knee, I'd happy-dance!  Since I have neither at this point right now - please feel free to dance for me!  (The big deal about this finish is that I now feel entitled to go out and buy more stash, right???)    :)


(PS - I'd really appreciate your opinions on the framing)

P.P.S. - Ian REALLY appreciated all the congratulations you sent!  He was so tickled that folks would take the time to share his victory!)


April Mechelle said...

Great Finish!! Cute. I home schooled my daugther when she was growing up!! This brought back those memories!! lol

Meari said...

Congrats on stitchy finish. I'm not so keen on the frame with the subject matter. Is it a pot? Maybe a school house frame would work better.