Sunday, September 05, 2010

A wee bit of stitching...

We've had a great time just taking some time off...but it's also been good to get back into our school/tennis(and for me, stitching!) vibe.  Ian's league play starts on Friday night and we'll be back to tournaments in a couple of weeks!  Homeschool is going great - homeschooling is definitely not for everyone (10 years ago, if someone would have told me that I would ever be a homeshooler, I would've thought that they had gone "around the bend" and not come back!)  It works for us though and we're enjoying the opportunities that it provides us.  We're getting back on a roll...and it feels good.

I'm trying to get myself in gear and get started on some Christmas gifts - this Lizzie Kate design will be for one of the sweet folks that help with my mom.  They don't do the "internet" thing, so  I feel pretty safe in posting this.  (If you're my sweet "D" in Ohio and you think I'm making this for you for Christmas - please forget you ever saw this, okay???)   :)

We've been having fun enjoying the awesome waves that the beach has been offering here this week.  Hurricane "Earl" got close enough to give us some "gnarly" waves - the highest in our county in a few years, but not close enough to do any damage. (great situation!)  Due to my knee issues, I didn't get the courage to take my board out, but I live with a couple of "surfer dudes" who think this was a WONDERFUL week!!!  :)

I've really been having fun doing a bit of blog-hopping, I just love seeing what everyone is up to - there are some lovely, talented people in "blogland".  I also SO appreciate the wonderful comments that have been left for me.  Ya'all just say the sweetest things!  May ya'all be blessed in bunches!


Shari said...

the LK is looking wonderful! I love the pumpkin!
Congrats on homeschooling.....I give people tons of credit for doing it! I wish I could have! My kids were pretty far along in school before I discovered it.
thanks for visiting my stop back!!!

Siobhan said...

Nice stitching! Good for you for getting started early on the gifts!

Myra said...

I just love the colors in that design and the pumpkin is adorable!