Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Finally Fall in Florida!

Yup, the temperatures are finally falling!  (Was only 89 today - clear DOWN from the mid 90's of last week!  That means it's "fall" right?
So...to celebrate the new season...I pulled out my pretty pot.  Can you guess what's inside???  Okay, I'll let you peek....

The yummiest, EASIEST chilli you could ever wish to call "homemade"....  I'm serious, you just take some browned ground beef, a couple cans of tomato soup, a can of water, a couple of cans of beans, some "un-yuns" and garlic, some chilli powder and one "secret" ingredent and our home almost smelled like Paula Deen was cookin' at our house!
Of course, we also had the REQUIRED cornbread and it made for a very yummy night!!  :)

Also seen around our house this "fall"....

The Welcome sign that hangs just to the side of our front door - right above our doorbell.  Yes, it does have those "funky" cracks in it - but it looks great against our stucco.  We bought it this way - love it, love it, love it!

A stone that we have leaning against a fountain in our yard.....

The flag that  hangs from our mailbox - I had to take this picture while it was lying on the driveway instead of on the mailbox...darn wind kept blowing it all over the place.  Who doesn't love Snoopy and Woodstock??  Besides, this is about the only pile of leaves you'll see in this part of Florida.  (Two things we DON'T miss about the North;  shoveling snow and raking leaves).

Our front door - every wreath needs a home!!!  :)

A wreath on the door to my pantry...did I mention that I *HEART* wreaths?????

I hope you enjoyed your brief visit to our piece of heaven. This is where we live and love and make memories.  Be it ever so humble.......there truly is NO place like HOME!!!!!



Shari said...

gotta love fall for all the soups we couldn't eat in the hot summer months!! I think I made a batch of chili on our first 'cooler' day too!!!!
love your fall decorations....esp. snoopy!!!

Deborah said...

Love the fall decorations. I know what you mean about the fall "foods".

Meari said...

Boy, you do decorate it all up for fall, don't you. :) It looks great, and the chili looks wonderful. Can almost smell it! Gotta ask... What's the secret ingredient?!

Myra said...

I am a big homebody too Sharon. My idea of a vacation is a "staycation". Thank you for sharing your autumn pictures - so pretty.

Siobhan said...

Nice decorating! Love the chili, too. YUMM.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sharon,
Fall is slowly arriving here too.Everything there looks so very pretty,
Have a wonderful week.

angel parker said...

I live in the Tampa, FL area and the past weeks temps were delightful. A perfect time for chili or homemade vegetable soup.

Betty said...

I'm delighted you dropped by to visit and took the time to comment. I've been so slack in posting and visiting...life gets in the way,doesn't it?

Your blog is so attractive with the crisp black and white!

Yes, fall is in the air, even in the lower south...cool at night and warm in the daytime.

Please come again...

Cindy F. said...

Yummy! I can still smell that chili! Great pot and love all your sweet home touches!