Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank You doesn't begin.....

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful messages that we received for Ian.  I made sure that he saw everyone before he went to surgery.  We have been blessed with the best blogging friends, the best "real life" friends, the best doctors and the best nurses.  We have had so many people praying for him and we are a huge praying and believing family!  There is nothing sweeter than knowing that people who don't really "know" you are praying for your child.  Bless you all so much.  We were also blessed with Dr.'s and nurses who joined us in our family prayer circle before Ian was rolled off to surgery.  Even though this mama broke down in tears after he dissapeared behind "the" doors, I had peace.  Thanks to everyone who helped us all through this difficult time.
Ian came through surgery just fine.  He again, got a little "junky"-sounding due to his asthma issues combined with the anesthesia, but he received great care and we're hoping that the Doctors are right and that the liver enzymes will begin to drop back to normal and the liver will being to return to normal size now that the surgery is over.
Ian slept almost all day, he is starting to wake up more and is missing his new best friend, anesthesia.  LOL.  He's had ice pack and pillows and pain med by I.V. early today, but has now been weaned to pain meds by mouth.  This afternoon, after the special popsickle treatment, the staff told him that he could have anything he felt like eating.  He wanted Mom's homemade chicken soup.  I went home and made a big pot.  I brought it back to the hospital tonight and he did a pretty good job making a dent.
We're still hoping that we'll be home by Saturday (or probably most likely Sunday).  We're all looking forward to just being "normal" again.  He's feeling much better tonight and is starting to walk up and down the halls a bit.  We're so grateful and feel so blessed.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those parents and young ones who aren't sure how their "release" date will come.  Please pray for all parents everywhere tonight who have children in a hospital, especailly in this "season".
Again, thank you for your prayers for us and for Ian.  Your kindness will NEVER be forgotten.  Bless you all!!!



Karen said...

So glad to hear about Ian's surgery going well. I'm sure that made things extraspecial for you once he woke up & the Drs. were able to give you news. I'm sure the newest news & the new prayers thatwill go with it, will bring some comfort & strenght. I am a big believer in prayers & blessings. We will hear eventually that he is at home.

Karen Carroll said...

So glad to hear that Ian gets to go home for X-mas Eve. I knew he would , with so many prayers & blessings going to him. And to be hungry enought to want you to bring him something special, instead of listlesslt saying "I don't care".Now the rest of your family get or stay well, so the sick ones wil have someone to take care of them. I just went thru being sick day & night yesterday or the day before. Couldn't do a thing for mysel, including walk. Karen