Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August - TUSAL

This should be called my "totally pitiful stitch-a-long" instead of "totally useless stitch-a-long".  Gotta love  Daffycat! I've put in a few stitches here and there but not nearly as many as I would've liked.  Now, if you wanted to see our tennis ball hopper(s) - (yes, we have more than one), I think you'd be pretty impressed with the amount of little yellow bouncy balls we've collected.  Not so much happening on the stitching front - but, someday, my needles may start smokin' again!
Our not-so-little fellow has been burning through tournaments this season!  I have quite a few trophy shots to post of him, hopefully in the not-too-distant future!  :)

My mom's heath is rapidly declining again, so I'm off to care for her as best I can.  I'll be doing the next few blogging bits from her home.

In the meantime, keep hugging those loved ones, keep those stitches crossing, the tennis balls bouncing, and most important of all - keep "cherishing" each and every moment of the ride!


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