Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As I've said before, I've been meaning to paw through all my pretty stash and decide what I really want to see stitched in my lifetime (I'll wait while you roll on the floor with laughter....you finished?  Good, We'll move along now).

I finally sat down and went through my absolute favorites.  This, IN NO WAY, means that they will ever be stitched.  It just means that I sat down and made a list....whew, that was a lot of work, in and of itself.

So, as part of my participation in WIPocalypse, here's my list, in no particular order (except for the monthly cottages - I reallllllly want to do each one of those as they come out! Oh, and the Call of the Wolf....I'm stitching that for my not-so-little sweetie, so it's a priority too)

My Dream WIPopaolyse list - (stash I currently own):

Monthly Cottages                                     
 - Country Cottage

Call of the Wolf
 - Dimensions Kit

Live, Laugh, Love

Fruit of the Spirit
 - Plum Street Sampler

Share a Cup of Friendship
 - Gail Bussi  (Just Cross Stitch Magazine June 2002...Yardsale find!)

Tea Time
 -Gail Bussi  (Just Cross Stitch Magazine January 2011)

Earth Gatherer
 -Shepherds Bush

The Gathering Room
 -Little House

Delicate Beauties
 -Paula Vaughn

Happy Home Sampler
 -(Cross Stitch and Needlework  July 2008)

Good Foundations
 - Rosewood Manor

The Snow Family
 -Heaven and Earth Designs

 -Blackbird Designs

Made in America
 -Bent Creek

Easter Blessings
 -(Cross Stitcher Magazine April 2006...Yardsale find!)

Patchwork of Love
 -Stoney Creek

Everything Beautiful Seasons
 -Stoney Creek

Peace and Rest
 -Stoney Creek

Herbal Alphabet Sampler
 -(Cross Country Stitching Magazine February 1994...Yardsale find!)

Beach Escape
 -Pegasus Designs

Victoria's Quaker
-Sorry, senior moment here...can't remember the designer)    :(

Family Love is Forever
-4 My Boys

A Gathering of Love
 -Becky Boo's

Honey Bunny
 -Doop Designs

Welcome Friends
-Lizzie Kate

Gather a Harvest
 -Lizzie Kate

You still with me???  Whew, quite a list, isn't it?  Now, before ya'all start thinking that I'm so filthy stinking rich that I must wipe my tooshie with dollar bills, (I DO NOT, BTW!!!)  let me say that a lot of this wonderful stash was gifted to me by my even more wonderful hubby as birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Dinner-was-so-good-last-night gifts, and nearly everything on here was purchased on sale (I had a LNS go out of business and I hit her "kick everything to the curb for a penny" sale!) or was purchased from the "Bay of Evil" ("bay of evil" is shamelessy borrowed from the wonderful Edgar's blog).  I "heart" him and his delightful sense of humor!   :)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my "wanna do" list.  Here's hoping that someday I'll be able to shift at least a few "wanna do's to the "done did's" column!  :)

I "cherish" this wonderful world of needlework that I love so much and I also cherish the ability to hope and wish and dream and paw the stash I love so much!  :)



claire93 said...

I think I've married the wrong man, I've never had a "dinner-was-so-good-last-night" gift lol . . . but then maybe that just says something about my cooking?

Lots of designs I don't know on your list, so I'm really hoping to get to stitching at least some of them this year ^^

Myra said...

Wow! That is some list - I'll be watching as those move to the done did list. LOL I am loving the cottages and seeing yours is making me want to stitch them. (I must resist!)

Peggy Lee said...

Very impressive list. After I picked myself up off the floor I thought maybe I should make a similar list of my stash but then I came back to my senses and thought maybe I shouldn't.
I am currently making up a wish list on 123 Stitch. Like I really need to add to my stash?!?

I enjoy your blog and I also agree with you about Edgar. He's a hoot!

Ziggyeor said...

Great list. I hope you get good progress on all of these and a few finishes too!

Marcy said...

that's some list! good luck

Meari said...

Good luck with your list, Sharon. I'd never think you were so stinking rich, LOL. I have a lot of stash, too! (I think we all do)