Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My "Vision" - Valentine's style

I don't know if you remember my "vision" craft project that involved my lighted twigs.  (I had this "vision" around Christmas-time.)  I bought the vase, filled it with sand, found just the twigs I wanted and away my mind went on ways to decorate for the holidays.  As I've said before, we have a round "rotunda" entry into our home and it is the darndest thing to decorate round walls.  Thus, the "vision" for my vase of twigs.  This is what I came up with for February.  Ian thinks this is about the goofiest thing he's ever seen (but hey, he's a teen-age boy - I'll cut him a wee bit of slack for not capturing the "lovliness" that is more in my head than in this vase.  LOL

Anyway, I like my lighted twigs and thought I'd share!

I "cherish" having a home to decorate.  (even if it does sometime look "goofy" to "someone")  :)


(PS - Thanks again for keeping Ian in your thoughts and prayers.  This waiting is so difficult....I understand and appreciate the patience of the Dr.'s who are working hard to make sure everything is just right, but it's so hard for a mama (and a daddy too, for that matter) to have to wait for all the medical decisions to be made.)


Nancy said...

I think your vase with lighted twigs looks great! I have a very large vase that my Brother and SIL brought me from Korea. I don't have a place for it at the moment and it is in storage but when I had a place for it, I would decorate it with poinsettias for Christmas. I always wanted to get peacock feathers to place in it but had not gotten the chance.

Nancy M said...

Looks perfect for the season and is great for a non-straight wall! I can see where you would have trouble with that!