Monday, January 07, 2013

Finding my journey to a new "Word"

As some of you may remember, for the past two years, I have determined that my yearly word would be "cherish".  I have many, many precious memories of cherishing moments of my life over the past 24 months. 
I have learned how easy is to cherish things in the good times and how hard it is to cherish the tougher moments that life seems to hurl at us at lightening speeds.  It's hard to cherish when you're terrified about your child's health, it's hard to cherish when you lose loved ones.   But through purposefully living to cherish, I have learned to appreciate more of the ordinary mundane things that happen and to be grateful and cherish them - the ordinary can become extraordinary by purposing to cherish. .  Cherish has been a wonderful word for me.  I pray that as I choose a new word for a year, I can look back  and see how my new wood has made me a better person.

So, after doing some DEEP soul-searching and praying and listening....I've got it through my thick head that my word this year is ........  GRACE.

Oh, how I need to apply the MANY facets of the word GRACE to my life. Would you still be here reading, if you knew just how much GRACE I need in my life?  I certainly need to give GRACE to my family. Honestly, I am one of those girls that be a total cranky grump with my family and then let the phone ring with some inconsequential information and I will profusely thank whomever has called in my sweetest, southern-tinged accent.  The very second I hang up the phone, the sweet voice bolts for the door and I can be cranky again.  So. I definitely need GRACE with everyone who comes into my life.  REALLY, really need it!!!
I also need GRACE with myself.  Insecurity*** and I are VERY close friends.  I need to extend Grace to myself in order to fill my GRACE tank to give to others.

Honestly, I have no idea where GRACE is going to take me this year...but I hope you'll hang around and encourage me or kick me in my "sit-upon" if I falter.  Let's try GRACE on for size this year and see where the path leads, shall we?   Let's find ways to "saturate our days" with grace and see what good we can bring to our own spheres that we've been given to influence, love and improve!

Hugs and Grace,

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Casa Pearl said...

I think Grace is a lovely word choice and I look forward to seeing where it takes you this year.