Friday, March 15, 2013

Grace-full, NOT graceful

Let's start right off by saying that, hard as I try, I am not the most graceful person.  There are days when I feel about as graceful as a giraffe on ice skates (no offense to giraffes).  But, for what I lack in coordination and being charming at all times, I am indeed, grace - full.

The past few weeks have definitely proved to be challenging.  My mom has been having numerous physical, emotional and long-term care insurance issues.  Bless her heart, a lifetime of problems are catching up with her.  The facility where she is now residing has been a bit less than helpful and understanding.  So, the search is on to re-locate mom.  Due to her issues and needing to be in a locked facility, this is proving to be a daunting task.  My main goal is to have this be as smooth a transfer as possible for my mom.  Adjusting to new surroundings is not easy for her.  I worry about that a lot.  I have been so blessed with grace to have my sister and my husband's help and support in finding our way through the elder-care "machine".  I can't imagine trying to deal with all the pressure surrounding mom w/o physical help.  Being a patient advocate has become an hours per day job  .It's hard to hear your mother treated like a number and not as a  person. Sadly, I know we aren't the only family dealing with these issues...I am so grateful for the grace that gets me through each day.

Our not-so-little guy has had his own challenges lately.  He was playing in a high school singles tennis match and jumped high to hit an overhead lob.  He landed on his ankle and rolled it.  OUCH!  Thank goodness his personal coach just happened to be at this particular match AND she just happens to also be a Dr.!  (Grace, grace!!!!)  She was a huge help immediately after the injury.  The scans showed no break but he has some nasty tears in the ligaments in his foot.  :(    His ortho dr. told us that it would be easier to recover from a broken ankle that to have the type of tears Ian has.  Apparently, ligaments can take longer to heal than breaks can.  Ian is definitely out for the rest of his high school season...he's so sad.  Poor kid battled his way back from his skull tumor and now, he feels like he's been knocked down again.  We're trying to focus forward to the summer tournament season but I do really understand his despair right now.
We are blessed to have good insurance which helps so much with the $ of the unexpected and access to good care.  (Grace, grace!)

My hubby's sister has been hospitalized with blood clots but looks like she will be okay.  (Grace!)  My hubby's brother had a stroke and it looks like he's going to be able to make a fairly good recovery .We were told when the stroke occurred that things were looking very grave and that brain function most likely would be greatly compromised.  From receiving that news to comparing how his brother is now, is amazing! (Amazing Grace!)

And of course, in the middle of the storms, God blessed us with wonderful little Jackson.  (GRACE!!!  Jackson gets a capitalized grace!)   :)
So yes, even though there are (MANY!) moments lately in which I have been MUCH less than "graceful", I have been GRACE-FULL.  I'm so grateful to have my faith that shows me God's love and who gives me HIS grace.

Hugs and (much!) Grace,

(BTW, the next stitcher for the "Count Your Blessings" traveling pattern will be announced on Monday!  Be sure to leave a comment on this post if you'd like to be included!)     :)


Minnie said...

I'll pray that God spreads even more of His Grace over you and your entire family.

cucki said...

you are in my prayers dear friend..
lots of love for you x

CalamityJr said...

What a wonderful post. Thank you for the reminder of our constant faith-full moments. I'll be keeping all of you only prayers.

bonnie said...

will be praying here in north carolina!!!

Meari said...

What a bunch of "stuff" you've been through lately. It seems like there are a lot of adult "kids" who end up having to be a patient advocate for their parents. Sorry to hear about Ian's injury. Poor kiddo. Kudos to you for having so much Grace :)