Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Dancing in the Dark

Whew, the last couple of weeks have certainly been a challenge.  Due to some issues with my mama, we've been informed that she is no longer welcome at the nursing facility that she has been residing in.  Due to those issues (and some that mom has displayed in the past), it's proving VERY difficult to find a place that will accept her.  So far, we're on 39 turn-downs and counting.  We have just been worn out and worn down.  We've finally hired an attorney to help us navigate the challenges, so hopefully, we'll soon be headed in the right direction on the right road.

I have had very little time for "daytime" stitching, but when worry creeps in during the quiet, night hours...when no one is stirring but me...I  turned to my stitching for a familiar rhythm and peace.
The comfort of that is that I have a finish!!!!    :)

What better piece to stitch on during these challenging days than "Hope"?  Sad that it took me so long to finish a piece that is only 61 x 61, but I'm really happy with this little piece.  I'm trying to decide if this lil cutie will become a pillow or an ornament.  In the meantime, it gets to reside in my empty "finishes" drawer.  I've also pulled out my forever WIP, "Delicate Beauties" by Paula Vaughn.  I've made a wee bit of progress....but still so many stitches to go.  But, every stitch is a good stitch, so progress is being made.

I promised a chart give-a-way a couple of weeks back...clearing out my stash very slowly.  Here are pics of the three charts that I'm giving away to new homes.

Chart #1

Chart #2

All charts have been gently used.  If you'd like an opportunity to "win" any of these charts, please leave a comment and let me know which of the patterns you'd enjoy.  Please feel free to ask to be entered for all three charts if you'd like.  Winners will be announced Monday, May 6th.  As stash clean-out proceeds at a molasses in winter speed, I will have more charts to give away.  I'm starting to get real about stash I love, stash I've already stitched  and stash "what was I thinking?"  LOL

In and amongst all the gory mess lately, my sister and I have traded each a couple of days off.  It just got to be too much on both of us day-after-day-after-day.  So, I have some pretty neat pictures of the Flower Show at Epcot (Disney) in an upcoming post.  (My uber- lucky sister is taking her days off this week in Bermuda!)  :)

I'm trying to fuddle my way through these challenging times with grace, but lately I feel that I have failed "grace" miserably.  I'm trying...falling, failing and getting up again, not necessarily gracefully, but always trying to be more grace-full.
I always have much to be grateful for....even those middle of the night happy dances in the dark!  :)

Hugs and Grace,


Kay said...

Hugs to you too. Your Hope finish is lovely, I keep meaning to start mine. I also love the Paula Vaughan design, I have a few in my stash to do. My longest wip took 17 years to complete!! I know it was that long because on the pattern I pencilled in the date and my name ready placed to sew at the end, by the time I finished it was 17 years later and I was married with a new name. It was a Christmas sampler but I have it up all year round to inspire to finish things. I wuld love to be included for your giveaways, they are all lovely but my favourite is by La D Da. Sorry for the essay!

rosek1870 said...

Hugs and prayers headed your way. Hang in there and I am sure the right fit for your mother will come along. It is so very difficult caring for an aging parent. I remember those days well. Your finishes are beautiful. I even use the small patterns to go to dr.'s waiting rooms etc. just to keep me calm. The all one color patterns really work well for that. When I would take my mom I would do all the crosses in a section in one direction the night before then cross them in the waiting room while mom would be talking or off for a test. That way it calmed me and I didn't have to think to hard.

I would love to be entered for #2 the La D Da pattern.

Thank you so much
Hugs & prayers,
Rose K

CalamityJr said...

I'll keep you in my prayers as you work on finding a suitable home for your mother. Please include me in the drawing for the La-D-Da design - what a great saying!

cucki said...

Hugs to you too are in my prayers dear friend..
Your finish is so cute and Paula Vaughn stitching is looking so pretty..she is my fav designer..
Please count me in for la -d-da design..I love it so much and we don't get these lovely charts here in Africa ..
Big hugs
Cucki x

Barb said...

You do have a plateful right now. Stitching can be so relaxing. That's why I gave up quilting and took up stitching. I will keep you in my prayers. You do have a cute finish!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

lovely finish and your paula vaughn is gorgeous - thankyou for the giveaway, please pop my name in the hat for the la d da design - hope you find a home for your mum soon, my prayers are with you. hugs, Amanda

Annie said...

Just wanted to add my well wishes to the others. So sorry you are having to go through this, and I hope it gets resolved soon. Best of luck to you!

Mii Stitch said...

Hi Sharon, congrats on your lovely Hope finish! It looks very pretty.
Sorry to hear about the issues with your mum, I truly hope things get sorted soon to make your life just that bit easier. I'd love to be considered in your giveaway for the La-d-da chart #2. These are only available online here in UK!!! I know, I'm a recent follower, so I will understand if you'd not want me to participate to this giveaway. All the best, have a lovely day x

Faith... said...

So sorry to hear about your mom Sharon. Praying that you will find just the right spot for her and she will be happy there.

Congrats on your finish and what a great sentiment for you to hold on to right now.

Please enter me in your drawing for the My Big Toe chart.


Meari said...

Sorry to hear about Mom troubles.

Congrats on your finish! It's adorable.

Bummer... I was out with a sick puter so I missed your giveaway.

Beauty Bonnet said...

love the Hope finish and the Paula Vaughan WIP. her charts look so complicated and very detailed!
i'm so sorry to hear of your mom troubles; hope things are resolved soon.