Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Stitching the Season

 No matter how much I adore living in Florida, I always miss seeing the leaves change color in Autumn.  So, when location, location, location doesn't provide the season, we're blessed to "stitch" the season!  I am LOVING stitching this Thanksgiving piece by Prairie Schooler.  Aren't the colors just yummy???

Stitching this piece while we're still smarting from the loss of our sweet Donna has been a true example of "my needle and thread comforteth me".  When things in life just aren't making sense...stitching always seems to add order and simplicity.

I'm stitching this in between the start of a new homeschool year and watching the US Open Tennis Tournament.  For "fun"", we did a huge family bracket this year for the Open....let's just say that if there's a "booby" prize given for bad bracket choices...I'm a shoe-in!!!  At least my final four picks are still in the running!  (Holding breath!)  :)

Through the loss of Donna, even though sometimes life just stinks...I've seen grace and I've been blessed.... and I'm grateful for so many things I took for granted before...and by just learning that, the healing has begun.

Hugs and Grace,

(PS - I still have more "summer vacation" pics to share...just haven't quite been up to it lately.  I'll post them as soon as the time feels right).


CalamityJr said...

Donna sounds like a very special lady. I'm so sorry; hang tight to your beautiful memories. I'm glad you find comfort in your stitching. What a blessing that we have our craft to calm our hearts.

Minnie said...

So sorry for your loss, just know that she will live forever in your heart and memories. Love the Thanksgiving piece.

cucki said...

Donna truly sound like a very sweet lady...sending you lots of love dear..
Sweet stitching
Hugs x

Bernadett Rauski said...

Lovely stitching.:)

Meari said...

I live in the midwest and experience all the seasons. I've often imagined what it'd be like to live somewhere where there weren't seasons like these. The leaves have been falling off my one tree for a few weeks now. Fall is definitely here.

Your stitching looks good :)

Lillie said...

Lovely autumny colours. From where I come from it's green all year round.

I am sorry for your lost, Donna must be very special.