Wednesday, January 08, 2014

"Eye" see you!

Here's my re-start on the project that Ian asked me to stitch for him and what it's "supposed" to look like when I get it finished.  Obviously, I'm starting in the middle "eye" area. 

I made huge, un-fixable boo-boo's the last time I tried to stitch this, so I'm hoping this time that I can keep those huge, honkin' frogs away and finish this project for the not-so-little guy who LOVES wolves.

(Excuse the blue colors - I'm stitching it on antique white fabric but I think it's just been so cold here lately, my camera has taken on a frosty blue shade - lol)  I know, I know - cold is a relative term.  Here in the "sunshine" state, it's been running 30's - 50' heart goes out to those folks who picked this week to come do Disney. There will soon be rejoicing in the kingdom however - we're supposed to rebound into the low 80's by the up-coming weekend.  

I also need to mention how happy I am for the UCF knights AND the FSU Seminoles!!!  Way to go, guys! Ya'all put the fun into football!!   :)

Hugs and Grace,


Meari said...

Umm.. Yeah, relative. LOL I'd take 30F right about now.

Your restart looks really good!

Barb said...

Your new project looks very interesting. Let's hope the frogs stay away. Sorry I was for Auburn, my DD is a UF grad from several years ago.

Mii Stitch said...

Superb new start, hope the boo boos stay at bay!!

Sharon said...

Pretty start!