Friday, November 13, 2015

It's been a whirlwind...

Have you ever had one of those months when you wake up and wonder where the past month has gone?  That's where I am right now.  (I promise I will get some Disney photos uploaded as soon as things slow down a wee bit.  I want to tempt all of you to come visit Disney during the next flower show at Epcot.  Oh, and their are pictures of Disney food.  LOTS of food!  Lol)

By way of a quick update, here's a few pictures....

Biggest news?  Our youngest applied for and was selected for his first "dream job".  We're really proud of him.  He has aspergers and life has always been a little more difficult for him.  But he has never given up or used it as an excuse.  He's always pushed through...he's a great role model for me! Now, to explain the picture...
Within a couple of months of moving to Florida, we found a "hole in the wall" ice cream shop.  The old-fashioned ice cream type of shop that I remember from my childhood.  The treats were amazing and the folks that own it are wonderful, sweet people.  They watched our son grow up... Their shop was always the place to celebrate a win on the tennis courts or bemoan a loss.  They even came to watch a couple of our son's tennis matches.  We always joke that we must spend too much time at the ice cream store because they know us so well!  Lol.  Anyway, today, my hubby and I were driving past the place and decided to stop by.  He and I wanted a treat and thought we'd bring something home for Ian.  The owner asked us why we didn't have Ian with us.  We told her that he had just landed a job and he was at home being lazy before his training starts tomorrow.  She was so happy and excited for him that she did this....
Seriously, what's better than the "ice creaam lady" giving him a free super-size treat AND writing ...
"Congratulations!  Good Luck with your new job!"...   :)

Halloween looked like this for us this year!  Shelby is a total social butterfly and loved having the littles come to her house and tell her how cute she was..Girlfriend was totally eating up all the attention.  She especially loved the end of the evening when she got her own "treat"!  (I paid 25 cents at a garage sale for her little "costume".  Ian said I paid about 24 cents too

And finally, prepare to be amazed....NOT!!  This is the grand total of stitches I have under my belt on my Chatelaine.
Yup. that's it...  I'm hoping that after the rush of the holidays,  I'll be able to really spend some "quality AND QUANTITY" time with my "Watergarden" Chatelaine.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner...I really appreciate your kindness!

Hugs and Grace.


Vickie said...

Congratulations Ian! Way to go!


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