Saturday, December 31, 2005

Looking Back...Looking Ahead...

Ok - so whose bright idea was it to start a new blog right at the beginning of the harried Holiday season???
Oh I'm on-board the blogging bug and hope to start posting more regularly now.
All right, I'll fall into the New Year trap and look back and reflect a bit ----
2005 was a year that saw the passing of my Dad. His death was a blessing for him - but such a great loss for me. I miss you Dad...................
I also went through a L-O-N-G stitching slump in '05. I think it all had to do with what my Dad was going through and other stress-related stuff - - - I can't tell you how much better it is for me to be stitching my way THROUGH grief - not around it! Stitching is proving once again to be very theraputic for me - and I'm grateful for the peace that I can find in a simple needle, thread and fabric. (Oh and in all the GREAT designs "out there"!)

In 2005 - I was able to read 27 books. (that's 8 more books than I read in '04)!!!! My reading goal for this year is to read more books in '06 than I did in '05. Reading is another one of my passions - - so many authors, so little time......

I also have a couple of personal goals that I will be working towards in '06. I won't share them here - but they are on my heart.

For our homeschool - my ultimate goal remains the same - to enable our son to cherish his gift of curiosity and to continue to love learning. (It would also be nice for him to conquer fractions - we're working on it!!) :)

I wish you all much peace, love and joy in the coming year!


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Welcome to my Blog.....

Hi and welcome to my little blog! I am excited about sharing my passions with my friends...I hope you'll enjoy your stay and will come back and visit with me often!

A little about me: I'm Sharon and I live in Florida with my husband and our 9-yr-old son.
My family is my treasure - they're the best!!!!

Besides spending time with my family, I LOVE cross-stitching, homeschooling, reading, tennis, spending time on the beach, cooking, decorating our home and collecting anything with a tea theme!!!!!

Please be patient while I learn my way around the "blog world". It's always fun to learn new things!!!