Friday, January 27, 2012

A Brief Update

First off, THANK YOU so much,  for taking the time to let me know that Ian (and our family) is being prayed for and thought of.  I can't share how touched I am that in this great big 'ole world, how blessed we are to be connected.

After visits to two different Children's Hospitals (in as many days), we've received another referral to yet another Children's Hospital to a specialist that deals specifically with the problem that Ian has and we pray will hold the best answer and provide the most hope for Ian.   We're still sort of reeling, but we're trying to keep our feet under us the best that we can.  Hopefully, this next week will allow us to set a treatment plan in stone and begin the road to getting our not-so-little back to being even a little bigger.

It's  been so hard to see my strong, healthy, vibrant not-so-little tennis ace get thinner and weaker and who now only resembles a shadow of his former self.   We're  grateful for the advice that we've been given so far and are grateful that we've been pointed in the direction that we've been led and are hopeful that the day isn't far off when our wee-bit snarky, not-so-little guy will be back to feeling like taking on the world again.  We do know that surgery will definitely be postponed until he is able to gain some weight...we've been told that he wouldn't survive the general anesthesia for the amount of time needed for the type of surgery he needs in the condition that he is currently in.  He's receiving nutritional supplements which will hopefully help build his body  back to where it needs to be for him to be able to handle surgery and recovery from the type of surgery that he'll need.

I ask that you please keep remembering Ian in your prayers and thoughts.  We take so much comfort in knowing that in your kindness, he is being held in many hearts.

I think this week-end will be filled with lots of embarrassing mom hugs, lots of cups of tea and maybe a few minutes of stitching here and there....

I "cherish" all your kindnesses to us - - -


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The post no mom wants to write....

We've learned that Ian does indeed need brain surgery.  At the moment, he's in such a weakened state that the Dr.'s don't think that he could handle being under general anesthesia for the amount of time required for the surgery to be done.  Please pray for my not-so-little guy?  We're heading to a new hospital tomorrow - the specialist there deals with the type of tumor that we think we're dealing with.  No one can know for absolute certain until the mass can be sent to pathology.  I'll update as possible, but in the meantime, we covet your prayers, vibes, thoughts, etc for our not-so-little sweetie!

I "cherish" being Ian's mama (even in the bad times_, a wonderful friend who is a Dr who can "pull in some favors", good insurance, a loving husband who's also a great dad and our special "angel", Julie, who has done more than I can ever say for us!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Cyclops has a friend...

This is the "Call of the Wolf" design that I'm stitching for our son.  (Remember the "Dances with Wolves" movie?  I think our son's name should be "Addicted to Wolves".  LOL

Anyway, the last time I showed a progress pick, I jokingly started calling the wolf in the center, Cyclops, because all I could see as I stitched was his one eye looking at me.  Well, now Cyclops has a friend!  (The friend's name is "Friend of Cyclops".  Can you tell that I haven't been sleeping well lately????  :)
I keep looking over my shoulder for the guys with the butterfly nets and straight-jackets to show up and escort me to the "happy place"....  Between our son being sick....(he has an appointment with a pediatric neurosurgeon on Tuesday - YIKES!) and my mom and her increasing health and mental problems, it's been kinda "down in the dumps" days for me.

I "cherish" my stitching which comforts me.....


"Pink is my signature color"

Anyone else remember that line from the movie, "Steel Magnolia's"?  That kept coming into my head over and over as I stitched this piece.  Holy pepto-bismal, Batman!  :)

I did get brave and change out the recommended color of green but now, seeing the finish, I wish I would've had the courage to change the pinks to softer hues, as well.  It's just a little "too" pink for me.

My hubby said "Good luck finding an HOA that will approve those colors" and my son said that this looks like a Key West house.  Hmm....yup, should've toned down the pinks.  :)

At any rate, I'm looking forward to displaying this with my Valentine's display.

I "cherish" a quick stitch and a finish!!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As I've said before, I've been meaning to paw through all my pretty stash and decide what I really want to see stitched in my lifetime (I'll wait while you roll on the floor with finished?  Good, We'll move along now).

I finally sat down and went through my absolute favorites.  This, IN NO WAY, means that they will ever be stitched.  It just means that I sat down and made a list....whew, that was a lot of work, in and of itself.

So, as part of my participation in WIPocalypse, here's my list, in no particular order (except for the monthly cottages - I reallllllly want to do each one of those as they come out! Oh, and the Call of the Wolf....I'm stitching that for my not-so-little sweetie, so it's a priority too)

My Dream WIPopaolyse list - (stash I currently own):

Monthly Cottages                                     
 - Country Cottage

Call of the Wolf
 - Dimensions Kit

Live, Laugh, Love

Fruit of the Spirit
 - Plum Street Sampler

Share a Cup of Friendship
 - Gail Bussi  (Just Cross Stitch Magazine June 2002...Yardsale find!)

Tea Time
 -Gail Bussi  (Just Cross Stitch Magazine January 2011)

Earth Gatherer
 -Shepherds Bush

The Gathering Room
 -Little House

Delicate Beauties
 -Paula Vaughn

Happy Home Sampler
 -(Cross Stitch and Needlework  July 2008)

Good Foundations
 - Rosewood Manor

The Snow Family
 -Heaven and Earth Designs

 -Blackbird Designs

Made in America
 -Bent Creek

Easter Blessings
 -(Cross Stitcher Magazine April 2006...Yardsale find!)

Patchwork of Love
 -Stoney Creek

Everything Beautiful Seasons
 -Stoney Creek

Peace and Rest
 -Stoney Creek

Herbal Alphabet Sampler
 -(Cross Country Stitching Magazine February 1994...Yardsale find!)

Beach Escape
 -Pegasus Designs

Victoria's Quaker
-Sorry, senior moment here...can't remember the designer)    :(

Family Love is Forever
-4 My Boys

A Gathering of Love
 -Becky Boo's

Honey Bunny
 -Doop Designs

Welcome Friends
-Lizzie Kate

Gather a Harvest
 -Lizzie Kate

You still with me???  Whew, quite a list, isn't it?  Now, before ya'all start thinking that I'm so filthy stinking rich that I must wipe my tooshie with dollar bills, (I DO NOT, BTW!!!)  let me say that a lot of this wonderful stash was gifted to me by my even more wonderful hubby as birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Dinner-was-so-good-last-night gifts, and nearly everything on here was purchased on sale (I had a LNS go out of business and I hit her "kick everything to the curb for a penny" sale!) or was purchased from the "Bay of Evil" ("bay of evil" is shamelessy borrowed from the wonderful Edgar's blog).  I "heart" him and his delightful sense of humor!   :)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my "wanna do" list.  Here's hoping that someday I'll be able to shift at least a few "wanna do's to the "done did's" column!  :)

I "cherish" this wonderful world of needlework that I love so much and I also cherish the ability to hope and wish and dream and paw the stash I love so much!  :)


Thursday, January 05, 2012

There's a little snowman at our house

Okay, so he's made of fabric and floss and not the "real" white stuff, but I love him anyway!  :)  This is my first finish of 2012 and my first finish of the Country Cottage monthly cottage series.  I joined the cottage SAL group and am looking forward to seeing what each month is going to offer.  I'm stitching each of my cottages on individual pieces of fabric instead of one big piece.  I have the perfect spot picked out to display each month, one at a time.

I do want to give a shout out to Amy at Down Sunshine Lane.  (This isn't a paid endorsement.  I'm receiving no compensation for this, I'm just a very happy camper customer!)  With that said,  I wanted to make some changes in my automatic monthly shipment orders and Amy was extremely accommodating!  The shipping was very fast and I'm just tickled with her service.  :)

I've been taking some time to write down my dream "want-to-stitch" list.  I'll be posting it in the next little bit.  I have some really pretty stash and I'm looking forward to changing it from "stash" to "finished".  (LOL - remember, I said it was a "dream".  I'm not sure that the "finishing" column is ever going to be as long as I'd like it to be, but a girl can hope....    :)

I "cherish" having a finish AND having stash to paw through AND being able to dream about all the pretties that are possible!


Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Last year around this time, I decided I needed a word to live by during 2011.  The word I came up with was "cherish".  I've been thinking a lot about what my word should be for 2012.  As hard as I tried (and used my Bible, my thesaurus, and a couple of visits to google), I couldn't come up with anything better than my much beloved word, "cherish".  So, I decided if it wasn't broke, I didn't need to duct-tape it!  :)
Having "cherish" as my focus word was fun in the good times, humbling in the bad times and encouraging in the awful times.  So, I'm going to stick with cherish...  I have so much to cherish in my life and it just fits me!
Stay tuned as I find new ways to "cherish" 2012!

I "cherish" a fresh beginning to a New Year that is filled with promise, possibility, love and adventure!