Monday, November 19, 2007

Another Happy Anniversary with my Honey!!!!

My Sweetie and I just celebrated 13 years together yesterday!!! We had a WONDERFUL day - the church service was one of the best I've ever heard - it really made me WANT to be a nicer person - even on my bad days. Then Ian's best friends' mom took Ian for the day so that we could have plenty of alone time! (wink, wink, nudge nudge!!!) :)
We then went out for a WONDERFUL dinner and spent the majority of the time talking about us and some of the wonderful times we've had together (we didn't talk about Ian "too" much - ha ha!) Afterwards, we spent some time Christmas and window-shopping. Last night we snuggled and watched a movie - then thanked God for a wonderful day. How I pray we'll have many more years to just love on each other!!!
(and that I'll remember this loving day the next time we start to head to the "war path") :)

Have a lovely Monday -


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jury Duty

I haven't been around much due to having jury duty. I know, this is a VERY important part of our justice system - but it was a real pain from the point of view that I wasn't able to accomplish ANY stitching!!! I expected to not be able to take my needlework scissors - but I wasn't even allowed to take in a needle!!! (and my favorite needle to use is "My Favorite Needle - Petite"!!! :(
I heard a joke a long time ago that said that a needleworkers idea of hell was to be stuck in a needlework shop where everything was free for the taking - but there were no needles in hell - now, I see just how cruel that really would be!!!!!!!
There was so much "hurry up and wait" time involved - I probably could've finished ALL my Christmas gifts and then some - - - but NO such "luck". Without going into much detail - the case involved a violent, repeat sexual offender...the stuff that nightmares are made of. I am SO glad to have this experience behind me. I don't think my home and family has ever felt so wonderful and safe!!! I am SO looking forward to lighting some wonderful smelling candles, baking some homemade goodies and stitching!! I really think I need a bit of time to "de-compress". My hubby really stepped up to the plate and took over Ian's homeschool (I had left detailed lesson plans) - and I'm so glad that Ian's "school" didn't suffer because Mom wasn't home to carry on! DH did breathe a HUGE sigh of relief when I came home and my service was finished though! (As did Ian!) They're great as Dad and Son - but both prefer Mom to handle things on the homeschool front.
On a brighter note - - - - we just had a new IKEA store open in Orlando! Woot! I just love IKEA and have really missed not having one nearby. Apparently, I'm not the only one who feels this way...hundreds of people waited in line for a few days for the "grand opening". Don't get me wrong - I LOVE IKEA, but not enough to battle the crowds and traffic that are sure to be there for the next few days. I think I'll just "cool my jets" a bit and head over to Orlando in a couple of weeks when the "hubub" dies down just a bit.
Well, that's it from my little corner of the world - - - so now, I'm off to take up my NEEDLE(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and stitch happily away. Join me, won't you???????

Have a jury-duty free Wednesday,