Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash - May

Another month with no money spent on anything cross-stitch related.  5 Months with not a penny spent!!!   :)   I've been so focused on stitching the Wolf and my on-the-go project, I just haven't felt the "need" (lol) or desire to buy anything......yet.  I know my time is coming.  It will be fun to see what finally tempts me to go 'off the wagon'.     :)

Hugs and Grace,

Friday, May 02, 2014

Rainbow Bridge...

Our Sweet Little Love

We had to let our little sweetie go to the Rainbow Bridge today. She has been struggling with congestive heart failure and lung and kidney issues.  We've tried all sorts of medicines...knowing that when it was her time to go, she'd let us know.  Sadly, late yesterday, she did indeed show us that she needed to be able to breathe easy and spin and play and eat and enjoy life.  She was no longer able to do those things on this side of the bridge...so today, she went on ahead of us.
We are so fortunate that our county's humane society has a "Rainbow Bridge Chapel" where you can bring your fur baby's for their last few minutes on earth.  It was so beautiful...stained glass windows and soft furniture to sit on to hold your sweet ones when they pass.  We had all the time we needed with her and were treated with overwhelming kindness.  Previous to this, we had taken our pets to our vet when their time came.  I always hated those metal tables.  This was so different and I am so grateful to all the donors who created such a special, special place for those of us who love our animals, oh so much.

We made the decision to have her cremated and Ian picked a lovely box for her remains.  Our hearts are broken...and the tears flow freely.  I wouldn't trade the pain though...pain comes from wonderful memories and lots of unconditional love and trust.  Our little love was a rescue and when we first got her, she would sit in her crate and shiver with fear.  After a few days, she'd venture out a bit at a time...and then she made the leap of faith to trust us...and she learned how to rule our roost!  :)

I miss you so much, my little stitching buddy.  I purposely stitched a few of your hairs into Ian's wolf project... You'll be in our hearts and have our love...forever.

Hugs and Grace,