Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash - May

Another month with no money spent on anything cross-stitch related.  5 Months with not a penny spent!!!   :)   I've been so focused on stitching the Wolf and my on-the-go project, I just haven't felt the "need" (lol) or desire to buy anything......yet.  I know my time is coming.  It will be fun to see what finally tempts me to go 'off the wagon'.     :)

Hugs and Grace,

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Watching the Wolf Grow

I've really been purposely trying to get needle in hand nearly every day for at least a few minutes for the past couple of weeks.  I've been amazed at how 20 minutes here and there can make.  It's fun to watch the wolf begin to "flesh out".  I have SO much stitching left on this design, but I'm happy with the progress.

On another stitching note, I've started a new "on-the-go" project.  One of my son's just bought a new home that has a  man cave  just for his stuff.  (I think just like many wives, his wife wants to give him a room to keep all his "stuff" in just so she doesn't have to look at on a daily basis.)  Andrew falls into the "Star Wars geek" group, so I kitted up a freebie for him that says "Come to the Dark Side, We have cookies"  by Dorkstitch.  I already had the fabric and floss, so this really IS a freebie for me...always a bonus!  
I have just started the border, so not much to show yet.  I'll keep you posted on any progress on that front.

Photo-dump alert.  In the next couple of days, I'll be doing a few photo-dump posts.  I have pictures from Easter at Disney - incredibly beautiful Easter eggs - as only Disney can do and I also have pictures from the flower and garden show at Epcot.  It would be REALLY nice if I could learn to post these pictures closer to the time I take them.  LOL

Hugs and Grace,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Overwhelmed with Goodness!!!

First of all, thanks go to each of you who sent such thoughtful notes about the loss of our little sweet pup.  So many of you related all to well to the pain that losing a beloved pet can bring to a family.  You lifted us up and we stand on your shoulders, thank you!!!  Right now, we're in the middle of that awkward, "Do we want another dog?" phase.  Surprisingly,  the hubby, who before we got our girl, repeatedly stated, "This is NOT my dog!", is ready to bring another little pup home.  He never realized before how much life a pup can bring to a home. It was fun to watch him make that transition.  I think I'm a little on the fence.  I DO want another dog.  I'm just not sure it's been long enough yet.  Ian is in the camp of not wanting to set himself up to get hurt so much again, when the time would come to eventually let another pet go.  This is definitely an issue where every family member has to be on the same page, so we'll wait, let time pass and revisit the issue again, when we're all ready.  I'm sure that somewhere out there, there is a little chin that needs our goofy style of love and when the time is right...we'll bring it on home!  :)

Now, for the GREAT news!!!  The wonderful stitching blogger, Edgar, generously had a give-away for his blogging anniversary.  I was so thrilled to be notified that I had won!!!!  Edgar went so far above and beyond on goodies for his give-away...I was just blown away!!!!  Wanna see my lovelies????

Ya'all, This chocolate smelled so good, I didn't know whether to eat it or dab it behind my ears!!!  Everyone who knows me knows that I love me some good chocolate and Edgar went over the top with these goodies!  This was especially fun for me because I don't have access to any of these types of chocolate.  I feel like such a decadent princess!!   :)

Then, there was this....

And then....Edgar had asked whether I had a preference for coffee or tea,  I can be in moods for either at times, but mostly, my heart goes towards tea....Look at what he sent!
Isn't this just the cutest?  I have wanted one of these personal teapot/cup combo's.  I've just never bought one.  This is so perfect for me.  I again have that princess attitude rocking.  :)  I've already used this to brew a cup of the licorice tea.  It was heavenly and tasted extra special because Edgar had chosen such a special gift for me.

But wait...there's MORE!!!
Here's something I never even mentioned to Edgar but somehow, he seemed to know.  I love to collect mugs from lots of different places.  I have a mug shelf that displays my much-loved destination mugs.  I didn't have a San Fran mug, so this is so awesome!!!

Okay, this is the part that is going to make me tear up...Edgar asked if there was anything particular to San Francisco that I might like.  (Backstory here - Ian has had one heck of a year, probably his most challenging ever.  Health-wise, he's faced some scary medical choices that adults shouldn't even have to make, (and then battle back from those choices),  he's lost friends, he lost his dog and a whole lot of other challenges that I won't share here...suffice to say, other than getting into the school of his choice and getting a gnarly scholarship, he's had a pretty crap-tastic year).  Ian has an interest in all things Japanese.  He's studied the history, the art, the culture, the technology and especially, the language).  He lives in Florida, so you'd think that he'd pick something like Spanish or, because of his heritage, Chinese.  But no.....my kid has to love Japanese.  He worked really hard to learn to read, write and speak Japanese. (I still struggle with English!  LOL)
Okay, with all that in mind, I asked Edgar if there was any way he might send something for Ian that had anything Japanese-related.  He said that he was making a trip to Japan town and asked for something specific that Ian might like.  I asked Ian and he said something with "good fortune" in Japanese.  Because he's had such a rough year, he thought some "good fortune" wouldn't hurt.  :)
Edgar went so far above and beyond...we just can't believe it.
This is what Edgar sent!  A candle with the good fortune symbol (smells divine!) and...
the PENDANT!!!!!  (I was trying to be artistic by making a heart with the chain, I should've just taken a picture of the pendant, but photography isn't my strong suit).
I wish you could have seen Ian's face when he saw the pendant.  I saw 12-months of stress just melt away from him.  Ian found a black rope to put the pendant on.  Ian is over-the-moon tickled with this. He said it's sort of his "battle of courage" for fighting through this year and coming out on top.
He loves it and I just love Edgar and Ricco for putting so much time and thought into gifts for us.
They just couldn't have chosen anything that we would have loved more and enjoyed so much!
May you both be blessed beyond how you have blessed others!!!!

I told you I was overwhelmed with goodness!!!!!

Hugs and Grace,

Friday, May 02, 2014

Rainbow Bridge...

Our Sweet Little Love

We had to let our little sweetie go to the Rainbow Bridge today. She has been struggling with congestive heart failure and lung and kidney issues.  We've tried all sorts of medicines...knowing that when it was her time to go, she'd let us know.  Sadly, late yesterday, she did indeed show us that she needed to be able to breathe easy and spin and play and eat and enjoy life.  She was no longer able to do those things on this side of the bridge...so today, she went on ahead of us.
We are so fortunate that our county's humane society has a "Rainbow Bridge Chapel" where you can bring your fur baby's for their last few minutes on earth.  It was so beautiful...stained glass windows and soft furniture to sit on to hold your sweet ones when they pass.  We had all the time we needed with her and were treated with overwhelming kindness.  Previous to this, we had taken our pets to our vet when their time came.  I always hated those metal tables.  This was so different and I am so grateful to all the donors who created such a special, special place for those of us who love our animals, oh so much.

We made the decision to have her cremated and Ian picked a lovely box for her remains.  Our hearts are broken...and the tears flow freely.  I wouldn't trade the pain though...pain comes from wonderful memories and lots of unconditional love and trust.  Our little love was a rescue and when we first got her, she would sit in her crate and shiver with fear.  After a few days, she'd venture out a bit at a time...and then she made the leap of faith to trust us...and she learned how to rule our roost!  :)

I miss you so much, my little stitching buddy.  I purposely stitched a few of your hairs into Ian's wolf project... You'll be in our hearts and have our love...forever.

Hugs and Grace,