Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My stitching buddy - -

I thought you might like to see who's beside me every stitch of the way - - this is our little sweetie and she's always sure to be my "stitching shadow". I don't think I've put many stitches into a piece at all but where she's cuddled up as close as can be. She's a Japanese Chin and I just can't say enough good things about this sweet little breed. Now, if I could only get her to chase away those darn frogs - what stitchers call mistakes - (we have to rip-it, rip-it - get it??) :) , she'd just be perfect!
Oh - and you'd NEVER guess her name!!! :) I'm not making this up - her name is "Tea-Tsu". Knowing me, you just knew I'd have to sneak in the "tea" somewhere, right??? :) :) :) (and no, I'm not "tea"sing about her name - that's what it really is!!!! (sorry, couldn't help it!!) :)
Thanks for letting me share a moment of your day with you. I love the comments so very much -


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We Love Tea...

Yes, we do!!! I loved the process of stitching this piece...the colors are a perfect match for our kitchen/eat-in area. This hangs on the wall right above our table where we eat most of our meals. Hubby framed this one - I love the little circles he cut and the little teapots that he chose to put into those circles. (Click on the photo to pick up the details). I think the framing really helps this piece come to life. I just love that this is a "hobby" that hubby and I enjoy creating together! :) Hope you enjoy the picture -thanks so much for all the lovely comments - they just make my day!!

Have some tea for me, (sweet and iced, please - I'm in the south, ya know!!) :)