Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stitch from Stash - January 2015

Once again, I'm going to be participating in "Stitch from Stash".  I enjoyed the "push" last year that it gave me to be a bit more mindful of my stitching-related purchases and helped me to be grateful for the beautiful stash that I already own.

My report for this month is that I've spent $0!  I have really been trying to work on the I haven't been tempted to purchase anything new - YET.

I have found myself seriously enabled by some beautiful pieces I've seen that have been or are being stitched by wonderful stitchers "out there".   I know that as soon as the Wolf meets it's finish, I'm going to reward myself with some new stitchy goodness! 

I'm looking forward to a wonderful new year of stitching, blogging, commenting, and world peace.  (If only!!)

Hugs and Grace,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A wolf, a frame and a stand.

Wow, how's that for a run-on blog title?   First, the wolf:

I'm getting there!  I'm really happy with the progress I've made since my last update.

Now for my frame and the stand:

Several months ago, my hubby and I were playing the game,  "if you had "x" amount of dollars to spend (only on yourself!) what would be at the top of your list.?   Of course, we all know that top of my list would be something stitching-related!  :)    I had seen the millenium frame in use on some of the "floss tube" videos I love to watch.  So, because we were being completely decadent, I put the frame and stand at the top of my list.  I have a couple of issues that were starting to make stitching a bit more difficult and I've thought that a floor stand might help.
Anyway...  guess what showed up at my doorstep??? 
These don't come cheap, but I can see this stand lasting the rest of my life and then some.

It has so many ways it can be's perfect for me.  I have become used to now doing two-handed stitching and I love it!  I also love how easy it is to pick up the frame and turn it over for starting and stopping threads.  The frame itself can be configured to fit nearly any design size.  The frame can also be used by itself without the floor stand and works well that way too.  (I wanted to stitch on our lanai to take advantage of our lovely weather but didn't want to take the stand outside.  It was great).  Hubby got me the "standard" size and one other set of bars that will accommodate larger projects. Who knew my sweet hubby was listening (and apparently taking notes!) during that "pillow talk" conversation from a few months ago?  See why I think he's such a keeper?  There are other reasons too but I'll save those for another post!  LOL
 Before I posted this, hubby asked me to mention that because these are made by hand and are such fine workmanship, don't order one if you're in a rush.  It took him 5 months to get this from order date to delivery date.

I'm a happy stitcher and a blessed wife...

Hugs and Grace,
(Frame and Stand from Needleneeds    -  )