Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stitch from Stash - January 2015

Once again, I'm going to be participating in "Stitch from Stash".  I enjoyed the "push" last year that it gave me to be a bit more mindful of my stitching-related purchases and helped me to be grateful for the beautiful stash that I already own.

My report for this month is that I've spent $0!  I have really been trying to work on the I haven't been tempted to purchase anything new - YET.

I have found myself seriously enabled by some beautiful pieces I've seen that have been or are being stitched by wonderful stitchers "out there".   I know that as soon as the Wolf meets it's finish, I'm going to reward myself with some new stitchy goodness! 

I'm looking forward to a wonderful new year of stitching, blogging, commenting, and world peace.  (If only!!)

Hugs and Grace,