Friday, December 31, 2010


Since I've been knocked on my "sit-upon" by this nasty flu, I've spent the day stitching, blog-hopping, sneezing, coughing, drinking tea, and thinking about my resolution(s) for the New Year.
In my Nyquil-induced fog, I've come up with one word that sums up my plan for 2011.  CHERISH. That's it, just "cherish".

Whether it's a tough time where nothing but knowing God is carrying me, celebrating time with loved ones, enjoying stitching, tennis, reading, blogging, or eating the last 3 m & m's in the bag, I'm going to try to cherish.
If I burn dinner, at least I have an oven in a home to cook in - I cherish my home.  If I get stuck in traffic, I'm going to try to cherish the fact that I have a car I can drive and senses that allow me the priviledge, If my hubby or my little guy get on my last nerve or my last hormone, I'm going to try to cherish that they are here with me to bug me.  I may not always get it right, but I'm really just going to try to "Cherish"....yup, that's my resolution for the year.  (Please feel free to remind me of this post anytime I start wandering away from my goal - keep me accountable!) and truly, I do have plenty to cherish...I don't take this lightly.

May you each be blessed with more joy than you can imagine in 2011.



Thursday, December 16, 2010

I have been stitching.....

This piece landed in my mailbox just as we learned about Ian's illness.  I decided that it would be fun to start something new as we were waiting and waiting and waiting to find out what we needed to do what he needed fixing.  I've stitched this is Doctor's offices, waiting rooms, hospital rooms and recovery rooms.  It's my comfort piece.  For some reason, "hospital tv" never really strikes my fancy, so it's been good to have something for me to concentrate on,  I've changed this piece quite a bit.  The piece is supposed to have four colors, (I'm using three) and of those three colors, I've changed out all the called-for DMC colors for specialy flosses.  We'll see how it turns out - even if it turns out "yucky", it's still been good therapy for me and that's what really matters anyway, right? I'm kind of liking it though and thinkinig that it may go live with my Mama when I get it finished.  She's been hinting that her room may need a new piece to hang to cheer her up a bit. This may just do the trick!  (Here's hoping!!!!)

Again, thanks for the love, prayers and blessings sent our way!!!  They're definitely helping - we're going to have our tennis-playing, messy-room making fellow back soon!  :)

Hugs and Love,




Thank You Hillary!!!!

When I came home from the hospital today to make Ian his soup, this LOVELY package was waiting for me!!!  I was lucky enough to win Hillary's give-a-way.  Can you believe all the goodies she tucked inside???  The hardest part will be deciding which one of these pretties that I'll start stitching first!  Thank you SO
 much Hillary.  This package couldn't have come at a better time for me.  To say it cheered me up is a HUGE understatement.  Thank you so much for sharing the love in your heart - your kindness will always be remembered!!!  May you be blessed as you have blessed others!!


Thank You doesn't begin.....

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful messages that we received for Ian.  I made sure that he saw everyone before he went to surgery.  We have been blessed with the best blogging friends, the best "real life" friends, the best doctors and the best nurses.  We have had so many people praying for him and we are a huge praying and believing family!  There is nothing sweeter than knowing that people who don't really "know" you are praying for your child.  Bless you all so much.  We were also blessed with Dr.'s and nurses who joined us in our family prayer circle before Ian was rolled off to surgery.  Even though this mama broke down in tears after he dissapeared behind "the" doors, I had peace.  Thanks to everyone who helped us all through this difficult time.
Ian came through surgery just fine.  He again, got a little "junky"-sounding due to his asthma issues combined with the anesthesia, but he received great care and we're hoping that the Doctors are right and that the liver enzymes will begin to drop back to normal and the liver will being to return to normal size now that the surgery is over.
Ian slept almost all day, he is starting to wake up more and is missing his new best friend, anesthesia.  LOL.  He's had ice pack and pillows and pain med by I.V. early today, but has now been weaned to pain meds by mouth.  This afternoon, after the special popsickle treatment, the staff told him that he could have anything he felt like eating.  He wanted Mom's homemade chicken soup.  I went home and made a big pot.  I brought it back to the hospital tonight and he did a pretty good job making a dent.
We're still hoping that we'll be home by Saturday (or probably most likely Sunday).  We're all looking forward to just being "normal" again.  He's feeling much better tonight and is starting to walk up and down the halls a bit.  We're so grateful and feel so blessed.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those parents and young ones who aren't sure how their "release" date will come.  Please pray for all parents everywhere tonight who have children in a hospital, especailly in this "season".
Again, thank you for your prayers for us and for Ian.  Your kindness will NEVER be forgotten.  Bless you all!!!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prayers Needed Please!

Dear Friends -

Our not-so-little fellow is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.  For the first couple of weeks in December, he would complain of slight stomach pain, but would gripe if I suggested a trip to the Dr.   A few days ago, he collapsed in a heap of tears due to pain.  We rushed him to the hospital and found out that he has a hernia and that his liver is enlarged and his liver enzymes are elevated.  He's been on a week's treatment of antibiotics (in the hospital) because the Dr. didn't want to do surgery with his wacky numbers in combination with the liver enlargement without antibiotics being on board first.  Our sweetie has lost over seven pounds in a week (and he was a little thing to begin with!)  His poor little cheeks are so sunken in and his ribs are actually showing.  The Dr.'s are hoping that he'll be able to go home in a few days once his issues resolve.  (The surgeon is hoping that the enzymes and enlargement will be remedied by taking care of the hernia).  Our not-so-little guy's birthday is at Christmas so we're all hoping to be home way before then.
We would so appreciate prayers for our Sweetie's safety and the surgeon's skills and the resolution of all the problems.
Our Sweetie is named Ian and again, we would be MOST grateful for all your prayers or thoughts.  I'll up-date as soon as I'm able...I've pretty much been living in the moment in this one room for the past few days.  I'm hoping that changes VERY soon! 

Blessings to each of you!!!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm thankful for a finish!

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  (and, if you're not in the U.S., I hope you had a happy Thursday!)

I'm thankful for soooooo many blessings, working on this piece at this time of year has been extra sweet, because our home truly has been blessed.  This is a Christmas gift for a friend (no blog).  The original design has a border around it, but my husband, the framer, likes the simplicity of the piece without a border.  My framer is just the BEST and only "charges" me for "fringe benefits", so I like to  keep him happy.  I'm quite okay not stitching the border on this one!  :)

I know I should be really good and work on a WIP next, but La-D-Da's "Love Spoken Here" just landed in my mailbox and it makes me not want to be good.  I also have some fabric on order for other pieces that make me not want to be good.    :)  

As always, thank you so much for taking a peek at my blog.  (If you're from the WIP police, move along, nothing to see here.)            :)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

The first 16 years......

Today is our 16th anniversary.  16 years!!   It's not always been perfect but it's always been right.  After I came out of a disastrous first marriage, I was VERY reluctant to be a "Mrs" ever again. My world had been pretty much shattered and I was sure that no one would ever be able to help me put it back together again.  (and I was pretty determined that I was never going to let anyone ever get close enough to even try), but as always, God knew the plan He had for me way before I did.  As corny as it sounds, my hubby is honestly the wind beneath my wings.  He helped me to eventually trust and believe and fly my way back into "myself"....and he loved me all along the journey.
We've had a few bumps and bruises but who hasn't?  We've made it through the best of times and the worst of times and through it all, we've done it together.  There is no one on earth who is more "in my corner" than my Sweetie...he truly is my "forever, for always and no matter what". 

I can't wait to see how much more fun we can get into!!!!!     :)   I love you, "Bear".


Friday, November 12, 2010

Another trophy for the shelf (and I want a slurpee!)

As you can see by the tired look on the winners' face, this was a tough week-end, but our not-so-lttle guy pulled it off again!!  Woot!!  This was Ian's first "national" tournament - playing kids from all over the U.S.  We honestly weren't expecting him to walk away a winner from this one, but we're sure proud that he did!
His hardest opponent this week-end was an asthma attack.  It was a cold, windy week-end and both of those things can trigger attacks.  The poor guy would hit, run, cough, hit, run, cough...lather, rinse, repeat. I felt so bad for him.  I wanted to pull him out but he was determined to hang in there. Thank goodness the inhaler helped and the nebulizer was with us.  God heard this mama's prayers - and then next day he was feeling much better!
I just get so amazed watching him play.  I played tennis through my pregnancy with him and then when he was around 3 months old, we had him in a stroller watching as his dad and I played.  He would bob his little head back and forth watching the ball - soooo cute!  Little did we know at the time that he would grow up to kick our butts!  :)
When he was about 3, we would "pay" him either a dollar or a slurpee to shag balls for us.  This worked great for a long time - he was scoring big bucks off of us as we played on nearly a daily basis.  Now we're the ones shagging balls for HIM.  (and I just realized, we're NOT getting paid for it!!!  Hey dude, where's my slurpee??????)   :)
Trophy or not, the thing that we're MOST proud of is that every single player our fellow has played has complemented him on his honesty.  He has earned a real reputation on the circuit for being a polite, but tough opponent.  Even a few parents have stopped us and told us how nice he is.  Praise like that makes me thankful again for the most wonderful gift we've ever been given.  Keep dreaming big, Ian....we're behind you all the way!!
(P.S. Now can you be polite and go clean your room???  Oh, by the way son, I like the banana slurpees the best!!!)

Hug your favorite tennis player!

Friday, October 29, 2010

One of my most-favorite "foodie" blogs is Jamie Cooks It Up. She has some of the yummiest (and easiest!!!) recipes ever. My family *hearts* her and we don't even know her. :)
Each year around this time, we like to take treats to our favorite library people and to our local firefighters and policemen. It's always fun to find new goodies to try for gift-giving and this year, I went straight to Jamie. Can I just say how happy I am that I did???? Her white chocolate popcorn is so easy and so tasty! I kept making batch after batch as the applause came in. (blush, blush). I say it's always good to have a happy library staff (shh...they have been known to wave the occasional 10 cent late fee for me), as well as happy policemen and firemen. We really do appreciate all the work these folks do for us behind the scenes
So - can I entice you to visit Jamie and make some of this heavenly goodness? This takes about 5 minutes per batch to make - couldn't be any easier! Popcorn and chocolate and m & m's. Need I say more??? :)

Enjoy a treat!

Treats for Everyone!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Finally Fall in Florida!

Yup, the temperatures are finally falling!  (Was only 89 today - clear DOWN from the mid 90's of last week!  That means it's "fall" right? celebrate the new season...I pulled out my pretty pot.  Can you guess what's inside???  Okay, I'll let you peek....

The yummiest, EASIEST chilli you could ever wish to call "homemade"....  I'm serious, you just take some browned ground beef, a couple cans of tomato soup, a can of water, a couple of cans of beans, some "un-yuns" and garlic, some chilli powder and one "secret" ingredent and our home almost smelled like Paula Deen was cookin' at our house!
Of course, we also had the REQUIRED cornbread and it made for a very yummy night!!  :)

Also seen around our house this "fall"....

The Welcome sign that hangs just to the side of our front door - right above our doorbell.  Yes, it does have those "funky" cracks in it - but it looks great against our stucco.  We bought it this way - love it, love it, love it!

A stone that we have leaning against a fountain in our yard.....

The flag that  hangs from our mailbox - I had to take this picture while it was lying on the driveway instead of on the mailbox...darn wind kept blowing it all over the place.  Who doesn't love Snoopy and Woodstock??  Besides, this is about the only pile of leaves you'll see in this part of Florida.  (Two things we DON'T miss about the North;  shoveling snow and raking leaves).

Our front door - every wreath needs a home!!!  :)

A wreath on the door to my pantry...did I mention that I *HEART* wreaths?????

I hope you enjoyed your brief visit to our piece of heaven. This is where we live and love and make memories.  Be it ever so humble.......there truly is NO place like HOME!!!!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friends for All Seasons finish...

This is by Lizzie Kate.  This was a quick, fun stitch.  I love how the birds are included in each season.  This will be a Christmas gift for a dear friend of now passes on to my  Sweetie for framing.  I can't wait to see what he comes up with!


Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

As you can see, this tired, slightly-sunburned, not-so-little fellow won again!  This was his first tournament after our all-too-brief respite from tournaments.  He's been chomping to get back to competing, so this was great fun for him.  As long as he's having fun and is willing to put in the needed work to do well, we're happy to support hm in his goals.  This tournament was extra-fun for us beause lots of Ian's friends were also in this tournament.  The extra-good thing is that the kids were all participating in different age groups and levels, so none of them were playing at the same time.  This enabled all of us to go cheer for each other's kids when they played.  It was so much fun to have our own built-in cheering section!!  We were all pretty fried by the end of the tournament, but I wouldn't trade the memories for anything!  I was suprised at how nervous we all got for each other's kids...I always get nervous when Ian plays, but I thought that was just "mama love".  I got almost as nervous and excited for the other kids in our group as I did when Ian is on the court.  Fun, fun, fun!  :)
I sometimes moan about all the coaching and practices and running here and there and getting tournament-ready, but at the end of the day - this is my life and I love it!  I really do love it!  I am blessed beyond measure - and I'm not taking that for granted.
I hope that each of you can say that you love your life too!!!!  :)

Game On!!!!


(PS - yes, I do nag him all the time to wear sunscreen.  His body was fine, but his face got burned.  We just purchased a separate face cream , sun-block to protet his face when he plays - here's hoping the cream helps!)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

A wee bit of stitching...

We've had a great time just taking some time off...but it's also been good to get back into our school/tennis(and for me, stitching!) vibe.  Ian's league play starts on Friday night and we'll be back to tournaments in a couple of weeks!  Homeschool is going great - homeschooling is definitely not for everyone (10 years ago, if someone would have told me that I would ever be a homeshooler, I would've thought that they had gone "around the bend" and not come back!)  It works for us though and we're enjoying the opportunities that it provides us.  We're getting back on a roll...and it feels good.

I'm trying to get myself in gear and get started on some Christmas gifts - this Lizzie Kate design will be for one of the sweet folks that help with my mom.  They don't do the "internet" thing, so  I feel pretty safe in posting this.  (If you're my sweet "D" in Ohio and you think I'm making this for you for Christmas - please forget you ever saw this, okay???)   :)

We've been having fun enjoying the awesome waves that the beach has been offering here this week.  Hurricane "Earl" got close enough to give us some "gnarly" waves - the highest in our county in a few years, but not close enough to do any damage. (great situation!)  Due to my knee issues, I didn't get the courage to take my board out, but I live with a couple of "surfer dudes" who think this was a WONDERFUL week!!!  :)

I've really been having fun doing a bit of blog-hopping, I just love seeing what everyone is up to - there are some lovely, talented people in "blogland".  I also SO appreciate the wonderful comments that have been left for me.  Ya'all just say the sweetest things!  May ya'all be blessed in bunches!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

No, you may NOT wear your blue outfit two days in a row!!

How's that for a weird blog title?  What a week-end this past Sat & Sun turned out to be.  Ian had another's summer, he's a tennis player, we live in Florida - there's always another tournament!!!
Anyway - here's the scoop!  Early Saturday, he breezed through all his matches to make it into the quarter-finals.  (BTW, you KNOW that he was wearing his "lucky" blue outfit!)  The quarter's took about 40 minutes...still not bad.  So, we happily breeze along to the semi's.  Hmmm....the semi match started at 11:00.  During the match, the lightening detector went off four different times.  No one is allowed back on the courts until 30 minutes after the last lightening detection.  There's two hours of sitting around, right there.  When the kids would get back on the courts, the rains would come.  (The lightening and rain could never get their act was either one or the other, but not both at the same time).  After the rains, it took at least 30 minutes to squeegee the courts off so that they would be safe to play on.  Oy vey!  The parents were tired, the kids were sore from all that starting/stopping, starting/stopping - that can really wear on the muscles....Ian was finally able to get the semi going again and only needed one more game to win the semi's match when the lightening detector went off again.  So, the matches were called for the day at 5:15 and we were starting where we left off on Sunday.
The tournament was far enough away from where we live that we had already made arrangements to stay in town overnight, so we were prepared for the hold-over.  Our hotel was three miles from the tennis complex and there hadn't been any rain or lightening at all there all day!  Argh!  Anyway, we decided to splurge a bit and went and had a wonderful steak dinner, then back to the hotel for the pool and hot tub time. (The hot tub really helped work out Ian's soreness)  :)
After a good night's sleep, the next morning, Ian went into the "dirty clothes bag" and wanted to pull out that icky, stinky, sweaty blue outfit to wear again.  Ewwwwwww.........................................................
Mama Bear stomped her foot down and reminded him that he wins because he works for it, not because of luck or outfits or.....well, you can imagine the lecture.  After the wrath of Mama, he wisened up and decided to wear a clean outfit.
As you can see - - - winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!!!!!  Ian easily won that last game of the semi's and went on to the final.  He was up early in the final, then "faded away" for a couple of games and then came storming  back (whoops - poor choice of words after Saturday's experience) and pulled off the victory!!! Another cool trophy to add to his growing collection of hardware!  (This one's not even weird - doesn't glow or anything - just sits there looking cool!)  I spoke of the "disco ball weird trophy" in an earlier post.
As always, we're proud of him - but he knows that we love him "for always, for ever and no matter what"!
The wins are nice and open up some good opportunities for him - but the best thing at the end of the day is that we're family.
We have decided (okay, his Dad and I have decided), that we're going to take the rest of  August off as far as tournaments go.  We're tired and are looking forward to just having some free time on the week-ends to just follow the rhythm of life - - plus, our homeschooling starts up again on Monday, so we need some adjustment time to allow for that as well.  Ian will still be receiving his coaching sessions and practice sessions - but I think some extra rest will do us all a world of good.
Come September, we'll be back out doing the tourney's - but for now -----  we're basking in the glow and enjoying the moments.

See, I TOLD you he had other outfits!!!!!  :)

Thanks for all the notes acknowledging Ian's hard work!  He thinks it's cool that he has a"stitcher's" section cheering for him!!


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

He honestly does have other outfits..... :)

Another Saturday, another win!!  Whoo-hoo!!!  Instead of the weird, "dancing with the stars" disco ball disguised as a tennis ball trophy, this tournament awarded medals.  Here are pics of Ian w/ his champion's medal, the medal pic by itself and Ian with one of his favorite coaches!  As always, we're proud of his win...but we'd still love him and be proud of him just because he's the best gift that God could ever have blessed us with.
He's not perfect by any stretch - but, who among us is?  (Although our room is MUCH tidier that his is!!!)
Okay, notice the outfit?  Remember seeing it before???  (see those earlier posts).  I promise it's clean - well okay, it's not clean in these pics, 'cause he had just finished playing matches in the end of July, Florida, mid-day heat...but it WAS clean when he first got to the tournament!!  He's still in his "this is the winner's wear" phase.  I should probably take a picture of his closet just so I could prove that we honestly do buy him other clothes...or not - that closet of his just ain't pretty (remember - he's not perfect!!!)  You'll just have to take my word for it - we do buy the kid other clothes....
Anyway - I just wanted to share his latest photo's of his success.  Now, I'm off to discuss that closet situation with him!  (I hope he doesn't think that having a messy closet is also "lucky")  LOL  :)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And he scores!!!

Ian had another tournament...he didn't win this one, but he did reach the finals round!!  He had to work hard to get to the finals - so we think even getting that far was a pretty big deal.  (Hey, even Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal have been in finals and finished 2nd before - it happens!)  I wish I could show you the trophy "up close and personal".  It's so neat - the tennis ball in the center of the trophy actually rolls around and also has a motion-sensor that lights up the ball whenever anything moves it.  (Although, I have to admit that part can be a little creepy at night whenever you get up to raid the fridge for a drink in the dark and a tennis ball starts glowing at you from the shelf in the dining room! )  Ha ha.
In case you're wondering, yes, that is the same outfit that Ian wore at the other tournament.  (Scroll down to my other trophy entry)  He's decided that this is his lucky tournament wear, so he insists he keep wearing it as long as he keeps winning (or making the finals!).  I told him that he's going to look pretty silly when he's 22 and trying to play Wimbledon in this same outfit...ha ha ha!!!  At least he lets me wash it between wearings - 14 yr.old male athlete smell - take my word, not so great!!!  :(
Thanks for letting me share the hard work pay-off...


She stitches, she actually stitches!! (and finishes once in a while, too!)

Lately, by the time we get home from all our summer activities, I've just been too tired to stitch, but I did manage to eek out this small finish.  My sweet hubby framed this for me, but neither one of us are sure whether it fits the design or not...think the frame over-whelms the design?
If I had the energy and a good knee, I'd happy-dance!  Since I have neither at this point right now - please feel free to dance for me!  (The big deal about this finish is that I now feel entitled to go out and buy more stash, right???)    :)


(PS - I'd really appreciate your opinions on the framing)

P.P.S. - Ian REALLY appreciated all the congratulations you sent!  He was so tickled that folks would take the time to share his victory!)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Proud Mama Moment!

Okay, so this isn't stitching related in any way, size, shape or form...but can I take just a "mama moment" here?  Ian worked so hard to win this tournament.  The kid would play four hours in the Florida heat, do an hour of conditioning n the same heat, and then run laps on top of that, so that he could build his endurance.  (Hey, I can do laps too - it's just that mine are usually from the couch to the refrigerator and back again.  LOL).  Anyway, Ian won the championship in his age division and brought home the trophy.  (Think he looks just a little tired in the photo?)  :)
Way to go, Son!  Your Dad and I are so proud of your efforts.  Win or lose - we feel so blessed that God gifted us with the honor of being your parents.  God gave us a son to raise - that's our most-important job ever.  The fact that God gave us a son to raise who also loves tennis is a wonderful bonus!  I tend to spend a bit of time grouching about your messy room - I want to make sure that I spend even more time telling you
just how great you really are!!  Love you, love you, love you!!!
(Hey, I stitch and I'm the mama of the trophy-wielding fellow - maybe it's a tennsy-weensy bit stitching-related??  Nah!!!)  :)  Thanks for sharing the joy with us - the win has definitely been a bright spot in our rough patch of life lately.


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th!

I hope all my Amercan friends have a wonderful 4th - filled with food, fun and fireworks!  To everyone else, have a great week-end...filled with food and fun - you can make your own "fireworks"!!!  :)

(Oh and just a proud Mama moment warnng alert - I'll be back soon to love on and to embarass someone just a wee lil bit.  Hint:  it involves my not-so-little fellow, a tennis racket, a tournament and a trophy that says "Champion".)  :)   :)   :)   :)


Thursday, July 01, 2010

For Cohen...

Sending love and prayers to Megan and  Brent as they walk where no parent should have to walk.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank You!!!!

Dear Friends - -
There just aren't enough words to express how grateful I am for all of your sweet comments.  I could feel the love and hugs and thoughts that were being sent my way.
Not long after I posted my last blog entry, I got the news that my mom had been admitted to the hospital.  She was in for a week, came home for a day and then needed to be admitted again.  She's home now and hopefully on the mend.  She has good care and I'm determined that for as long as possible, she'll be able to remain in her home. I realize, however, that her health will ultimately be the deciding factor of how long she can stay "home".
This has been so tough - I feel like when I'm in Ohio that I should be home here in Florida and I feel like when I'm home here, I should be in Ohio.  Our "not-so-little" guy is just at the beginning of tennis tournament season and I love watching him play.  We have a little communication sign between us when he plays his matches...anyone old enough to remember when Carol Burnett would tug her ear to let her grandmother know that she loved her?  Ian and I have a sign just like that - not ear tugging, but a little sign we make.  He really misses that when I'm not there.  He "gets" that sometimes Grandma needs me, but it's still sad for him.  I started that little sign years ago when he was little - way before the tennis days.  I never realized just how much that meant to him.
I haven't even felt much like getting on the computer lately.  No matter what, my mom is in the back of my affects so many decisions that I am making these days.  Bless my sweetie, he is really pulling and pushing me along.  I don't know how I'd manage to slug through this without him.  He has given me much wise counsel - such as "don't borrow trouble" - tomorrow will bring what tomorrow will bring and no amount of my worrying about things will stop them.  He also reminds me that no matter what I go through - both he and God  will always be there waiting for me.  Why is it so easy for me to forget that?  
Thanks to hubby's support and love, I am slowing jumping back in to "normal".   My knee was really giving me trouble, but at this point,  I'm unable to have the replacement surgery.  My anemia is still an issue that would delay surgery and the long rehibilitation the surgery would require just wouldn't be practical if my mom would need me on short notice.  My wonderful Dr. has said that he will help me any way he can to keep me as comfortable as possible while I "wait things out".  I had an injection a few days ago and right now, my knee is holding really well.  Hubby signed us up to play in a fun mixed doubles tennis league.  I'm really looking forward to getting back on the court.  Doubles are much easier on the knee than singles.  Plus, my hubby is a GREAT tennis player!  I figure he's strong enough all by himself to carry our "team".  Okay, so  I haven't told HIM  of my "plan" yet,  but I figure his favorite meal and dessert will help to bring him on board, right?  LOL.  Ummmm yea, I'll keep you posted on how that goes....   :)

I did pick up my needle again this week.  I should have a SMALL finish to show by tomorrow.  For the past couple of weeks, I just didn't feel like stitching.  I did do a lot of reading though.  Not too many things in life are better than sitting on the beach with a good book.  I highly recommend it for cheap's worked wonders for me.  :)  Like the saying goes...location, location, location!!!

In summary, I'm making my way "back".  I know that MANY other people have come through MUCH worse situations and have blossomed and bloomed.  I can make it through this -

Again, thank you and bless all your sweet hearts for your love and caring.  I've read and treasured every comment.  You'll never truly know how much I appreciate your time and visits.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Accepting Reality...

Dear Friends -
I can't even begin to thank you enough for the wonderful hugs and thoughts that you've sent my way during this tough path in my life.  You are so precious to me - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
We arrived home from Ohio late last night and we're just starting to de-compress all that is happening.
The past couple of weeks have been draining and difficult and heart-breaking.  God has walked with us every step of the way.  I have prayed at times, minute-to-minute...gut-wrenching, driven to my knees, pleading prayers.  I haven't always received the answer I would have chosen - but God has held me while I've had to deal with the answers I've been given.
I left here knowing that my mom was facing tough medical issues, but I was totally un-prepared for what really awaited me.  Lately, when I had talked to my mom, I had noticed her "wandering" during some of our conversations and several weird, "off-the-wall" comments here and there...but things were SO much worse than what I imagined.  My mom does have kidney and liver problems and symptoms of congestive heart failure...but in the past three weeks, her mental faculties have declined with lightening speed.
My beloved dad passed away due to alzhimers-related issues.  (He died due to a stroke and pneumonia, but suffered most from the alzheimers.)  I can't believe I'm losng another parent due to brain disease.  has passed . .  Most hurtful, I think, is that my mom's brain-issue has caused not only memory problems, but is also causing rage outbursts.  When I would bring mom her medicine, she would scream that she had already taken her medicine and that I was trying to over-medicate her and hurt her or I would catch her trying to take her medicine (not rememberng that she had already taken it) and she'd accuse me of depriving her of medicine she needed to stay alive.  Everyday we were there, mom would erupt in horrible fits of rage...about everything from the tv remote, to clean sheets on her bed, what I fixed to eat, my sweetie's shirt, Ian's reading a book, etc.  We never knew when she would "flip".  It broke my heart.   She would have quite a few lucid moments and would be kind - but then she'd "dissapear" again.  She has become compulsive about cleaning everything...I would clean her house spotless...and then she'd scream for me to clean up her house...every cupboard, drawer, bottle and spot.  She'd get so adjtated and I couldn't calm her. 
We finally decided to get the best care we could for her - it's all we can do.  This has upset Ian's heart to see his Grandma like this - and he needs to have as normal a life as possible through all of this. We're trying to use this as a teaching moment for him - to have a servan'ts heart.  He's far exceeded my expectations for the most part.  He does get angry that this happened and we let him know that that's just fine.  We're angry at times too.   Bless his heart, there's just no getting around that this is difficult.   We're going to be floating between Florida and Ohio as often as possible and try and make the best of this situation.  (Sure wish my mom and dad had headed south like other retirees!  Why did they have to do the northern thing??  LOL)  It could go on for a while or it could be over in an instant.  The doctors seem to think it will be the latter, but only God knows the number of our days.
I have been blessed beyond measure with my amazing husband.  He has endured so many of my tears and so much of my mom's wrath the past two weeks and has been a champion for our family.  He's has been  everything we need and more.  I'm so grateful for he and Ian and all that they do to make sure that I'm okay and always find ways to make me smile and laugh.  Even in the midst of the pain, God has sent  angels to comfort me...
With all that said, it's good to be home.  I think this week-end, I will hold on to the phrase - "my needle and thread comforteth me" and do some stitching therapy.  We're also planning on sitting on the beach all day tomorrow...nothing like sun and surf to comfort a soul.
Again, your kind words have been so treasured...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Sorrow, a finish and a work in progress...

This is a sign that sits near my stitching chair.  Usually, it make me, it has much more meaning.
We've received word that my mom is really not doing well.  Her Dr. has said that there's nothing more that they can do.  We don't if she has weeks or months, but the news isn't good.
We're heading to Ohio tomorrow....I'm bracing and praying for what lies ahead. but I guess you can never truly prepare yourself for situations like this.  I haven't told her that we're coming, so I'm hoping the suprise visit will cheer her up.  Prayers for my mom and for our safe travel would be greatly appreciated.

I do have a finish to show:  This is "Comfort and Rest" by 4 My Boys.  This will now be handed over to my Sweetie so he can work his framing magic.

I've also started pouring myself back into my "older than dirt" WIP.  "Delicate Beauties" has come back into my heart.  This is a confetti-type design that requires a lot of attention.  It's been healthy for me to have something that let's me dive in and stitch and forget my troubles for a whle.  I'm determined that eventually at some point, this piece WILL be hanging on the wall in our study.

I'm also going to start a smaller take-along design that I can grab and go.  I'm leaning towards Family Threads by My Big Toe designs.

As always, I appreciate your lovely comments and support.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The posies have bloomed! :)

I have a finish!!  (Blue Posey by Jeanette Crews "Hydrangia Leaflet".)  (Yes, I know that there's a "yellow" posey in the "blue posey" project - I'm not sure about that one either - LOL)  I completed this project for my mom - it will be part of her Mother's Day gifties.  I actually enjoyed this piece  much more than I thought I would.  Mom has been having a hard time medically lately, so I'm hoping this might cheer her up a little.

Thanks so much for all the great comments about our Gatorland pics.  It was really fun to find some off-beat places for us to visit...I have a whole new list for next year's visit from our buddy! 
(For those who would be interested, Gatorland is located in Orlando, near I-4 and Orange Blossom Trail.  It's about 15 minutes from downtown Disney. For four of us, after discount coupon, we only paid $24 total!  When have you ever gone anywhere as a family in Orlando for $24???) 

This is my next project..."Comfort and Rest" by 4 My Boys.  This is a fun stitch...can't wait to hang this one in our house - I have just the wall that needs a piece of needlework.  Hey, wait...don't ALL walls NEED a piece of needlework?????    :)     I've played with trying to lighten this pic, but so far, no luck.  I'd rather spend my time stitching than fussing over "cleaning up" pics, so this is the best I could do...

The space shuttle landed here this morning. Everytime I watch a launch and a landing, I'm just amazed. Just another of the "cool beans" perks of living in "paradise". :) Yes, you can remind me I said that when we're facing our next hurricane! :)

Here's a question that I'm sure that's been asked before - but....if I'm a stay-at-home mom, why am I hardly ever "at HOME"???   Seems these past couple of weeks have been go, go, go.  After our homeschool time is finished, Ian has lots of fun activities and I'm happy he's so involved - he definitely inherited his mom's "social butterfly" tendencies!  :)  
 Last Friday night, he had a scavenger hunt at the mall with his teen group.  He had a blast - and we had fun chaperoning.  He's also starting to think that not all girls are quite as gross as he used to think they were... my not-so-little guy is growing up.  :)

As ever, I'm so inspired by your blogs.  Thanks for visiting - your thoughts are so appreciated!!  :)


Sunday, March 28, 2010

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...."

With all apologies to Charles Dickens, this quote perfectly sums up the past couple of weeks of my life.  We were blessed to spend a week with one of the dearest people in my life.  (I was forced to promise that I wouldn't tell any embarrasing stories from his childhood on my blog, so I'll avoid that - but suffice to say, this fellow is a real sweetie to me!)
He took vacation time and escaped from the snowy west to come spend time here in sunny Florida.  Thank goodness, the weather cooperated with our plans. The week he was here was just lovely!! :)
Rather than do the crowded, "normal" tourist stuff, we decided to head a bit off the beaten path..  We wound up fishing in the ocean, (all we caught was a "kelp" fish (in otherwords, just a bunch of sea-weed).  We call sea-weed a "kelp fish" 'cause that way, it sounds like you actually caught something (even if you didn't)  :)

One of the stops we made was Gatorland.  My expectations for this place were SO low, but I have to say, we had a really fun time there.  We learned a lot about 'Gators and Crocs and nature in general.
Judging from this sign near the entrance, I was expecting a really "cheesy" day - but it was really a great way to spend a day.....

Here are some other photo's of our adventures with the Gators..............

He's just sleeping...honest! 

We also went to the National Police Hall of Fame and NASA/Kennedy Space Center and the Astronaut Hall of Fame.  We took a couple of "down days" just to relax too.  All in all - just a great week!  I'll post more pics of our various trips/tours later.  I don't want to bore you with ALL my wacky pics on one post!:)

Now for the worst of times part....I MISS HIM!!!!!  I spent all this past week moping and being sad cause I miss all the extra laughter and extra hugs.  I'm feeling better now and getting my groove back - stitching really is good therapy!  (Not to mention my sweet hubby and sweet son who are giving me extra loves!!)

This is a piece that I'm working on for my mom.  This is SOOO not my style - but she asked me to stitch something for her that was small, blue, spring-like and flowery.  I found this design and think it fit her request nicely.  I'll be glad when it's finished and can start on something that's more "me" - but I feel priviledged to
stitch for my Mom.

This is "Blue Posey" from Jeanette Crews "Hydrangeas" book.

Thanks so much for all your visits and kind words...ya'all are just the sweetest bunch of bloggers anywhere!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Happy Dancin' (and a doggie too)

Can you believe that this is the "best" pic that I could get of this finish?  It's bright and sunny here today, so I should have been able to  get my camera to cooperate, (maybe it's the cold!) but no such luck...(the cherries really are red - you'll just have to trust me on this one!)    Anyway, this is "Home of a Needleworker Too" by Little House Needleworks.  I used the sampler threads that were called for, except I substituted "Blueberry Tart" for the "Old Blue Jeans" that was suggested.  For some reason, I had 4 skeins of "Blueberry" and no skeins of the "Blue Jeans", so I decided to "economize" and just use what I already had. 

Btw, when I say cold, I mean COLD!!  Can you believe that here in Florida, we've had wind chills in the 30's?????  I feel sorry for the folks that chose this week to visit Disney World and that are here for Bike Week in Daytona Beach...definitely not having much "fun in the sun" here in the "Sunshine State".

Oh, and since she was being such a little snoop and just HAD to nose- in while I was trying to take my finish picture, may I present an up-close and WAY too personal shot of Tea-Tsu. 

Can I just tell you how much we love this face???? 

Thanks again for your visits - they're much appreciated!!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wanna come for cheesecake?

Okay, so I am dumping ("personal responsibility") for the moment and I'm laying the blame for my calorie disaster on George Washington!  Years ago, when Ian was younger and just learning about the presidents, I started making cherry pie or cherry cheesecake on President's  became a yummy tradition.  This year, we voted to go with the cheesecake.  I don't even want to think about the calories involved - but it was so yummy, it was worth the splurge.
There's plenty of slices left - wanna come and share??  :)


Friday, February 12, 2010

Just an update.......

Just an update from our humble, happy abode.  I'm SOOOO grateful to say that Ian is feeling like his old chipper self again AND my mom is feeling better too.  She still has the kidney problem, but the treatment she's receiving seems to be working. 

As for the new car - I'm lovin' it, but I must confess that I'm still in that "white-knuckle" driving mode.  I'm so afraid of putting a scratch or ding on it that I haven't relaxed yet.  I'm sure that once the new car smell wears off, I'll be driving "normal" again...I'm expecting the "new" smell to wear off soon - hauling Ian around from one sweaty activity to another should do the trick - rapidly!!  :)

I've been stitching a bit here and a bit there - homeschooling takes the lion's share of my day, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I know that all too soon, it will seem mighty quiet around here and I dread trading in the spontaneous hugs for quiet times.....

This is my current project - Little House "Home of a Needleworker Too". 

This design has been sitting in my stash pile for a couple of years.  I am loving stitching this - I'm not sure how it got pushed to the bottom of my "to do" pile.  (I've GOT to make time to have a MAJOR stash-clearing soon!!)  I'm sure, that being honest, I have quite a few "what was I thinking when I bought this?" patterns in my cabinet...and I probably have a lot more "can't wait to stitch" patterns, as well. 

It's chilly and rainy here in my part of Florida, (thank goodness we're far enough south that we don't need to worry about snow or cold - chilly is bad enough, thank-you-very-much!) so I'm off to bundle up with a BIG cup 'o tea, my stitching and the TV.  I just love all things Olympics - so bring on the Opening Ceremonies and off we go!!!  :)