Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy "Flu" Year...

Yup, let the coughing and sneezing begin...  :(   

We have a white board on our door that leads from our laundry room into our garage.  Usually, one of us will grab the marker and write family "I love you's", favorite scriptures, holiday messages or quotes on the board.  It's been so fun to try to "sneak" the messages when no one is looking...and even more fun to find messages that someone else has written.  Ian's message today was to erase the "Happy New Year" message and change it to "Happy Flu Year".   I sure do love that not-so-little guy.  He keeps me laughing even when it's the LAST thing I feel like doing.
Ugh - bring on the tea with honey and lemon - I'm off to sneeze and stitch, and sneeze and stitch and...well, you get the idea.

Stay healthy!



Chiloe said...

Hope you feel better soon ;-)

Meari said...

Hope your'e feeling better. Happy New Year!