Friday, October 29, 2010

One of my most-favorite "foodie" blogs is Jamie Cooks It Up. She has some of the yummiest (and easiest!!!) recipes ever. My family *hearts* her and we don't even know her. :)
Each year around this time, we like to take treats to our favorite library people and to our local firefighters and policemen. It's always fun to find new goodies to try for gift-giving and this year, I went straight to Jamie. Can I just say how happy I am that I did???? Her white chocolate popcorn is so easy and so tasty! I kept making batch after batch as the applause came in. (blush, blush). I say it's always good to have a happy library staff (shh...they have been known to wave the occasional 10 cent late fee for me), as well as happy policemen and firemen. We really do appreciate all the work these folks do for us behind the scenes
So - can I entice you to visit Jamie and make some of this heavenly goodness? This takes about 5 minutes per batch to make - couldn't be any easier! Popcorn and chocolate and m & m's. Need I say more??? :)

Enjoy a treat!

Treats for Everyone!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Finally Fall in Florida!

Yup, the temperatures are finally falling!  (Was only 89 today - clear DOWN from the mid 90's of last week!  That means it's "fall" right? celebrate the new season...I pulled out my pretty pot.  Can you guess what's inside???  Okay, I'll let you peek....

The yummiest, EASIEST chilli you could ever wish to call "homemade"....  I'm serious, you just take some browned ground beef, a couple cans of tomato soup, a can of water, a couple of cans of beans, some "un-yuns" and garlic, some chilli powder and one "secret" ingredent and our home almost smelled like Paula Deen was cookin' at our house!
Of course, we also had the REQUIRED cornbread and it made for a very yummy night!!  :)

Also seen around our house this "fall"....

The Welcome sign that hangs just to the side of our front door - right above our doorbell.  Yes, it does have those "funky" cracks in it - but it looks great against our stucco.  We bought it this way - love it, love it, love it!

A stone that we have leaning against a fountain in our yard.....

The flag that  hangs from our mailbox - I had to take this picture while it was lying on the driveway instead of on the mailbox...darn wind kept blowing it all over the place.  Who doesn't love Snoopy and Woodstock??  Besides, this is about the only pile of leaves you'll see in this part of Florida.  (Two things we DON'T miss about the North;  shoveling snow and raking leaves).

Our front door - every wreath needs a home!!!  :)

A wreath on the door to my pantry...did I mention that I *HEART* wreaths?????

I hope you enjoyed your brief visit to our piece of heaven. This is where we live and love and make memories.  Be it ever so humble.......there truly is NO place like HOME!!!!!