Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stitch from Stash - July

Happy to report that July has been a penny-free stitching-spending month for me.  I have been so focused on stitching on my son and his fiancĂ©e's wedding sampler, I haven't been too tempted to buy anything new.  I have a feeling that this frugal wave will end once the final stitch has been placed in the gift.  I tend to be a one project at a time stitcher, but I have to say, it's starting to get to me.  I keep feeling like I'm stitching the exact same stitch over and over and over again...   Grrr......
Here's where the sampler stands now....

I think 2016 will see me mixing things  up stitching-wise.  Somehow, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I am determined to start some sort of a rotation-system.  I am SO open to hearing any suggestions as to how you deal with rotating/not rotating your projects.  Also, do tend to spend monthly on lots of little projects or do you save up for a few months and the. Go slap-happy with your spending? I have finally convinced all my nearest and dearest that the absolute best gift for me is stitching money.  Thanks to their generosity, I have a tidy little nest egg set aside.  I can't  wait to start spending (hopefully wisely!) when the right project (or 2 or 3!  Lol) pops up and I "gotta" have "it" or "them".
What are some of your "gotta have it" projects?
(Oh and I'm still collecting some goodies for my give-a-way.  I'll try to have it ready to go around the middle of August!  Stay tuned!)

Hugs and Grace,

Friday, June 26, 2015

Making some progress...and proof I'm a goofball!

Thanks to a couple of rainy days in Florida, I've had some unplanned extra stitching time.  (Don't you love when that happens?). I really like this wedding sampler and the colors, so it's a fun stitch.
Now for the "I'm such a doofus" part of this post.  See that wonderful little scissor holder that I bought on my visit to Shepherds Bush?  It's fantastic and I love it!  Except......  I keep forgetting that I have it.  I flip my work over to snip my thread and I actually spend a nano-second wondering what I did with my scissors!  And then I remember....  Duh.......
I am so used to dropping my scissors in between the cushions or having them fall to the floor that I forget that I have the nifty new gadget.  Once I get used to my little sheep holder, it's going to be "da bomb"!!!   Lol.  Happy Stitching!!

Hugs and Grace,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Stitch from Stash - June

I'm really happy to report that I have successfully been able to avoid all temptation of the stitchy type for the month.  I have been hard at work (or hardly working, on some days, lol)  on the wedding sampler for son #5 and his beautiful bride-to-be.  I really would like to get that finished over the next couple of months because I'd LOVE to start some Christmas stitching.  (From my stash, of course!).

I haven't forgotten about my give-away. I'm thinking of another give-away of "my favorites" which is just an odd assortment of non-stitchy type things that I love.  I LOVE Florida, so a lot of my "favorites" are tied to the "Sunshine State".    Hopefully, I'll be ready to get my give-away up and running in August!  I'll keep you posted.

I hope each of you are well and are enjoying a blessed summer!

Hugs and Grace,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Shelby and Stitching...

Little Miss Shelby made her very first trip to the groomers' today!  I can't even put into words how much we love this little bundle of sassy love!

And because this blog actually started as a "stitching blog",  here you go!
This is a wedding gift I'm making for my handsome son and his beautiful bride to be.
(Janlyn "Cherished Wedding").   Just like me, it's a "work in progress".   ��

Hugs and Grace,

Sunday, June 07, 2015

12 and a Baby!

We were so blessed to meet with family last month.  Somehow, we managed (with not "too much" fighting - lol) to pull together 6 sons, 3 wives, a fiancĂ©, hubby and I and a grandbaby (!) and got them all in one place for pictures!  Whoo hoo!!

These are the boys that melt my heart... Yes, I've noticed that they're all grown men now - but they will forever and always, be my "boys".  I should've made sure that my hubby was in this photo too, but he was the camera guy, plus it was pretty much "uncontrolled chaos" by this point in the day!

This is the whole family, including all the girls who keep my guys happy.  I have been VERY blessed to have wonderful "daughters-in-love"  My guys have GREAT taste.  (Again, hubby isn't pictured.  Sorry, honey!)
Yea, my hubby FINALLY made it into a photo!!!  He's amazing and very much a "keeper!"

Now for some stitching-related pictures!  I just HAD to take a little side-trip to the heavenly shop that is Shepherd's Bush!

I knew it was going to be amazing but it turned out to be AMAZING!!!!!

That's it for the pictures of Shepherds bush, I was just too excited to get busy shopping!  The shop had so much stitchy goodness.  I'd love to be able to name my favorite section, but there was just too much that I loved to just pick one....

I  had to put in this picture of the "and a baby", our grandson, Jackson!!    So hard to believe how fast he is growing.  It was so much fun getting to spoil him and spend precious days with him.  He's our all-time favorite Atlanta Braves fan!

That's it for the boring family photo's, although you might see one or two (or 12 and a baby!) of my nearest and dearest pictured in my next post of the more "touristy" stops that we made.

Hugs and Grace,

Monday, May 25, 2015

Stitch from Stash - May

Hi there, friends!

Sorry I have sort of "abandoned" my blog for a bit of time.  The family and I took an extended trip to see our entire family and I just didn't think it was a good idea to let it be known that we were going to be abandoning the homestead for a while.

All that to say, I have some pretty nifty stash to share this month.  The good news is that I received some  nice gift cards and a generous amount of money for mother's day, so I didn't spend any of "my" money on my goodies!  ZERO spent form Stitch from Stash money!!

We all decided to meet up in Utah because it's centrally located between where everyone lives (except us!).  Anywho, while I was there, we made a trip to the WONDERFUL shop  - Shepherds Bush!!!
(I'll share MUCH more about my trip in later posts!)
So, here are my treasures from SB...

 Seriously, how cute is this little pin and how gorgeous are the bows that they tied the bag with?

I bought "Count Your Blessings" by La-D-Da

 My Daughter-In-Love picked this one for me to stitch; she said it described me perfectly.
"Silly" by Lizzie Kate
  Mill Hill beads for an Alexandra Adelaide Christmas Tree Pattern

 A scissor sitter.  My scissors are constantly trying to hide from me.
 A pretty Silk 'n Colors Thread.  I love the colors and have a certain freebie in mind to stitch with this floss.
 My sons picked this out for me.  I can't decide whether to wear it or frame it!

I spent $65+ during my wonderful visit.  (I also bought my daughter in love a beginners kit from Shepherds Bush.  I think we just might have a new stitcher in training!!)

As I've said, I had a blast wandering around the Shepherds Bush store.  Saying that Shepherds Bush is a stitcher's paradise seems almost like an under-statement!  Terri was awesome to meet in person!  She even offered brownies to my boys and gently suggested that they might have more fun looking at the train depot down the street than hanging around watching me fondle fabrics, charts and floss.  (God bless her!!  lol)  The guys loved the train depot and I actually finished before they were ready to leave!

So, since I had saved up all the money that I have received from holidays that was specifically earmarked for "stitching money", "techically", I didn't dig into my stitch from stash money.
I could have bought MUCH MUCH more from Shepherds Bush but honestly, Stitch from Stash has really helped me focus in on what I really LOVE (not on what I just "like") and realistically think that I can stitch in my lifetime. 

Here's hoping that you're all well!

Hugs and Grace,

Saturday, April 18, 2015

And there was rejoicing in the kingdom!

It's finished!!!!  Stitching this piece has been an emotional journey for me.  Our youngest son loves wolves and saw it at a store one day.  He said, "mom, do you think you could stitch this?"  With all my heart and soul, I wanted to be real and say "no".  This piece was way out of my comfort zone of my stitching ability...but Ian has had a really rough couple of years medically.  We got diagnosis of a few things that no one ever wants to hear.  How could I tell my son, "no, I can't stitch this for you" when he was facing some pretty major hurdles?  So, I bought and started plowing through it.  Well, I experienced some problems stitching it with epic failures.  Epic meaning, I had made so many mistakes that unless I frogged it back to the beginning, there was no way to fix it.  (I was roughly a quarter finished when I realized my mistakes.  I was so disgusted and discouraged that I threw the project in a closet and gave up.  Ian told me, "Mom, don't give up!  You can do this, I know you can!  I'm right here beside you all the way..."  Those were the very words we told Ian as he faced his treatments.  How could I possibly "do as I say, not as I do" in this situation?  So, I tracked down another new kit and started over.  Throughout this piece, I lost my stitching mojo numerous times.  I had serious doubts that I was ever going to see a finish...but here it is!!!   :)
One thing I did with this piece, that I've never done before, is to REALLY personalize it.  I took small pieces of my son's hair, my hubby's hair and my hair and secretly stitched them into this design.  I also clipped a small piece of the fur from our little dog we lost last year, Tea Tzu.  (Tea Tzu was Ian's absolute best friend and constant companion - he took her loss very hard).  Ian isn't out-of-the-woods yet - his life will always be a bit rougher than I wish... But he is soldiering on...and I'm grateful for every day we have with him.

I'm glad this stitching pushed my limits of ability a bit.  I enjoyed watching this design grow...and I LOVE what it stands for....

Having said that, I've already told our son that some day, if he ever chooses to marry, this piece will be his wedding sampler!  I told him that he'd best choose someone who loves wolves as much as he does because all I'm going to do is add names and date of marriage at the bottom!   Lol

I'd really like to thank (and hug!) all the visitors to my blog who helped cheer me on while I was
stitching this!  Your "good job, nice work, you can do this") have meant more to me than I can say.  So, go ahead and have that piece of chocolate, that cookie or slice of bacon (!) and celebrate with me!

Many Hugs and Much Grace,