Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A New Season....

I've taken a LONG step back from blogging for a while.  At first, I thought I would take a month off and then post randomly.  However, the break lasted longer than I predicted..  This is my first update/random post in a LONG time.  Turns out, I enjoyed the quick, rapid- fire ability to post updates on Facebook stitching groups.  But lately, I've also learned that I miss writing down some of my, umm, wacky ramblings on my blog.  This blog has, in ways, been a scrapbook/journal of our family.  That's the part that I miss.  So, while I will probably posting "quick" updates on my stitching shenanigans on Facebook, I'm also going to try to keep up the "stories" behind the scenes on my blog.  It'll be a new adventure, let's see how it goes, shall we?

Right now, I have two different pieces in my rotation. (Totally new for me.  I used to usually have one single focus piece, but I have found that rotating is working well for me.  At least for now.) As always, my "rules are ALWAYS subject to change".  Lol.   Two  pieces are pretty stationary, locked into my millenniam frames on my millenniam floor stand.  I want to have one "grab and go" piece, I'm deciding now which piece in my stash will grab that honor.

Here are some photos of where I am now...

This is "Watergarden" - Chatelaine.  I'm loving stitching with the silks!!!  I''ve never stitched with silks before, but oh my word, I love them SO much now!!!  I'm about 80% finished with page one of nine pages.  This will be mylargest finish ever - assuming that I do finish it in my lifetime.  LOL

                                        This what my "finish line" will hopefully look like!

This is my oldest-ever WIP:
I have no idea why I ever stopped working on this piece.  (Although it might have been all the wedding samplers that needed to be stitched with love for family, friends and other loved ones.)
I love this and have put it into a rotation, along with the chatelaine.

                                     This is what "hopefully" this finish line will look like!

And what blog post could possibly be complete without a picture of my sweet little buddy, Jackson.

I can't believe that my little grandson (I call him my "grand buddy") just turned THREE!!!  When did that happen?  I love this little fellow so much!  He is such a joy and blessing to our family!

I hope everyone is doing well - it's good to be back to sharing my thoughts and photos in my little corner of the blogging world.

As Always - Hugs and Grace,


Vickie said...

Water Garden is going to be a real stunner!

Barb said...

Nice to see you back. You have some wonderful projects going on. What a cute little guy. My sweet grand son will turn 11 this year, where does time go?

Jeanne said...

Glad you came back and updated your blog Sharon. It's hard for me to keep up with FB and my blog too but although I enjoy FB groups I do miss the personal touch of blogging and sad to see so many blogs from my old list aren't being updated anymore. Your Chatelaine piece is looking great! I've never done one of her projects but have admired many over the years. I too am working hard this year to finish up some old UFO's...currently working on one that's about 10 years old. It will feel so good to have these monkeys off my back someday! I would love to be one of those stitchers that doesn't have old projects hanging about.